Make Any Place Your Yard with the Roman Reigns Costume

Roman Reigns Costume

If there was anyone from the current roster to get the biggest boost, it had to be Roman Reigns. His controversy surrounding a regular push on the big scale made fans want to hate him. Being Roman Reigns, he turned those boos into cheers on more than a couple of occasions. The impact of his performance has been nothing short of greatness and the roster, as well as the fans, can see it. Today, Roman Reigns is one of the biggest names in WWE and the face of pay-per-views.

The evolution of Roman Reigns, real name Leati Joseph Anoa’I, has been nothing short of greatness. From his debut in NXT to his main event card, he has come a long way in the WWE. With that said, his attire is easily recognizable. Today you will find the easiest way to have the Roman Reigns costume at your service. The attire will consist of the day to day items for you to order. Check it out below.

WWE Roman Reigns Vest

Roman Reigns Vest

When Roman entered the squared circle in the WWE, we witnessed a change that would soon make heatwaves around the entire WWE Universe. The vest became iconic wear as the Roman Reigns gear. Here is the tactical vest that he wore during his time with The Shield.

roman reigns pant

Roman Reigns Pant (Product page )

As a stealth look, Roman Reigns went with an all-black look. With the vest above, he accompanied it with the tactical trouser. This pant is durable and has a very simple look, as he wanted to perform without any hindrance in his moves where the multiple pockets can be an issue.

Roman Reigns Leather Belt

Roman Reigns Leather Belt (Product Page )

The belt was a simple touch to the costume. Everyone should wear a belt and we chose this in particular for its low price and high durable factor. The leather belt is quite simple looking and can be workable for your other trousers as well that include smart casual and formal styles.

Roman Reigns Black Boots

Roman Reigns Boots (Product Page)

You can’t wrestle if you don’t have proper footwear. As the overall look of the Roman Reigns costume, a boot like this would be the icing on the cake. The simple tactical boot is super comfortable, flexible and durable. Investing in it would work for the majority of DIY costumes.

And, that’s how you can set up your own Roman Reigns costume. He is known for having the most down to earth look with a little bit of detailing for special events. Nevertheless, his look has captured the fans and have people want to dress as him for many costume parties. You won’t have to spend a fortune since they are easily available and are superb in quality. Moreover, the items here can provide you a beneficial experience that you never expect any costume to do. Roman Reigns is currently known as “The Big Dog” and the ring is his yard. It is time to dress up to have an intimidating look and show everyone who the real boss is.