Sasuke Uchiha Costume Guide

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Naruto is a Japanese manga series that is illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. The series focuses on a young ninja named Naruto Uzumaki who dreams to become the leader of the village. The manga series has several characters, but Sasuke Uchicha is one of our favorites.

Sasuke Uchicha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga series and belongs to the Uchicha clan. The notorious ninja family that he belongs to is one of the most powerful and allied with Konohagakure. As Sasuke’s older brother Itachi, slaughters their clan, Sasuke dedicated his life to avenge his family by killing Itachi.

Sasuke was portrayed as a happy child who wanted to be worthy of his clan, but as his family was slaughtered by his own brother, he was crushed and this brought the dark side over him. He then became cold towards everyone and just wanted to avenge his family. Sasuke is not only adored for how loyal and true his character is, but also because of how amazingly he has been carrying himself in the series. To grab onto the costume that Sasuke has been looking incredibly handsome in, check out the following:


The Naruto Sasuke Uchicha costume is certainly something that a true follower of Naruto manga series would love to own. To imitate the look that Sasuke has been carrying boldly in the series, get your hands on this costume right away. The costume comprises of a coat, pant, apron, waist rope and wristbands. The costume is crafted from 65% cotton and 35% rayon. The entire costume is in the shade of blue that perfectly replicates the original costume’s look. The shirt has a relaxed fitting that could be adjusted with the apron and waist rope. The straight pant has a zipper flyer and comfortably sits below on the waist.

Sasuke Uchiha Costume

Sasuke Uchiha Costume (Product Page)


To get close to how Sasuke carried his personality in the series, all you need to do is grab onto every particular that sums up his entire costume. The hair wig that has been giving him a promising look in the series is made of high-quality synthetic fibers that gives a natural look. The spiked wig in black is simply what you need to own.

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Wig

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Wig (Product Page)


Sasuke has been spotted wearing a headband in the manga series that had the sign of his village embossed over it. You can now get the same headband and replicate his entire look perfectly among your friends. The headband is made of cotton with a metal plate embedded over it with the anti-leaf village sign over it. The black band and the silver plate make up a perfect combination.

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Headband

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Headband (Product Page)


If you have looked up at Sasuke closely, you must’ve noticed the gorgeous color of his eyes – it’s purple! Well, to imitate his look to the closest, you can get your hands on purple colored lenses and let your friends appreciate how crazily you follow his persona. The lenses have a thickness of 0.004mm. The texture of the lenses is polymacon with 38% water content. The lenses will brighten up your look!

Sasuke Uchiha Lens

Sasuke Uchiha Lens (Product Page)


How can a ninja survive without the perfect sword? Here we are with the sword that has been used by Sasuke in the Naruto manga series. The sword is made of high carbon steel that is handmade. The handle black nylon cord wrapped with a length of 11 inches. The overall length of the sword is 41 inches in black.

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Sword

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Sword (Product Page)


Lastly, you will be needing the shoes that have completed the look of Sasuke in the series. The shoes are made of black hair guard fabric with an EVA bottom and a black zipper. The shoes follow the same construction that ninjas have been wearing for ages, with a toe separator and reliable sole.

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Shoes

Sasuke Uchiha Costume Shoes (Product Page)


Let this costume embrace you with the strength and attitude that Sasuke Uchicha has been carrying in the Naruto manga series. With this costume on the upcoming Halloween party, you can show the fire of vengeance to your friends and make a worthy impression of your favorite ninja character from anime and manga series. Get dressed and look good!