Squid Game Costume – How To Buy The Squid Game Outfits

Squid Game Cosutume

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama TV series directed and written by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series cast stars Lee Jung Jae, HoYeaon Jung, Park Hae soo, Oh Yeong su, and Kim Joo ryoung. Squid Game was released on 17th September 2021 on Netflix. The plot of the series focuses on four hundred and fifty-six people struggling with life and in great debt. They have been invited to play a mysterious survival competition game with deadly twists that offer them a 45.6 billion (US$38.5 million) prize.

The series has been a great hit and is trending the most on Netflix today. The direction, script, plot, set, and characterization is highly admired, but the costumes worn by the characters throughout the series are simply intimidating and inspiring. Here, under the Squid Game Costume, we have a list of all the unique and classy outfits that your favorite characters are attired to within the series. All these outfits are paired up with the items and accessories required to complete the look of your favorite character from Squid Game. So, let’s get started.

Squid Game Frontman Costume

Squid Game Frontman Costume

So you’re the leader of your gang and all of your group members are planning for a Halloween costume then this is the best outfit for you to own. This costume of Frontman is inspired by the TV Series Squid Game where he leads the game and control tons of other Squid guards.


Squid Game Frontman Jacket

The character of the Front Man, who supervises all the activities on the playground, surely carries the most dominating and intimidating look of all. You can now carry the same look as his amongst your friends, with this jacket right here. This jacket is constructed from leather and is lined with a soft viscose lining on the inner side. It features an attached hooded collar that comes down to a snap tab buttoned closure for secure and perfect closure. The long sleeves end up with open hem cuffs, and the two side pockets are spacious enough to hold onto your belongings.

The same style inspires this black leather jacket that your favorite character, the Front Man, is carrying in Squid Game. Wear up this jacket, put on the hood, and get your hands on all the other basic accessories to look exactly like him in the real world.

Squid Game Frontman Mask

Squid Game Frontman Mask (Product Page)

The mask worn by the Front Man is different than the staff at the facility. He is the supervisor and person who is in charge of all the activities taking place. His unique mask has embraced his seniority and status amongst all.

This mask here is exactly like the Front Man’s, along with his black leather jacket on the show. The mask is made up of high-quality thickened PVC material durable, sturdy, and comfortable to wear all day long. The edges of the mask are super smooth, even and ensures to make the accessory super comfortable. The mask is paired up with an adjustable strap at the back that can easily fit onto your head and allow you to make adjustments as per your requirement. This mask offers the same look that Front Man has been carrying in Squid Game and the same evil and mysterious look.


Squid Game Frontman Gloves ( Product Page )

Don’t you forget about these black gloves for the day? These gloves will complete your look as Front Man by embracing you with the same mysterious and creepy look you’ve been intimidated by. These gloves are constructed from genuine sheepskin leather that makes them supple, sturdy, and durable. The gloves are lined with 100% soft polyester lining that keeps your hands warm and comforted. The genuine leather outer shell of the gloves offers strengthened and flexible wear.

The gloves allow all your fingers to use touch screens and operate them without a hassle. These lightweight and flexible black gloves are exactly what you need to pair up with your black leather jacket and mask.


Squid Game Frontman Shoes ( Product Page )

For the footwear, get your hands onto these black shoes and complete your look for the day. These shoes are constructed from 100% leather and are paired up with a rubber outsole. The genuine leather outer shell of the shoes features an athlete design with features of breathability, padded collar and tongue, and lace-up closure. Furthermore, the shoes are paired up with a firm and flexible EVA foam midsole and cushioned EVA foam footbed that offers support and cushioning to the feet all day long. Lastly, the shoes have a durable rubber outsole that is flexible and slip-resistant. These black shoes are waterproof and versatile with a structured design.

Squid Game Frontman Pant

Squid Game Frontman Pant ( Product Page )

These gold pants are all you need to pair up with your black jacket and mask for the day. These pants are fabricated from faux leather with metallic fabric paint. The pant features a midrise waistband that sits on your natural waistband and gives you a roomy fit through the seat and thigh. The slim-fit pant features a zip fly with button closure, along with side slash pockets, double welt back pockets, and a straight fit. This gold pant with a shiny and glossy texture is exactly what you have been looking for.

Squid Game Frontman Revolver

Squid Game Frontman Gun (Product Page)

Being a leader is not an easy job. You have to hold something powerful enough to show your anger and Frontman was seen having a revolver with him all the time. No one knows when a player in debt becomes a threat to you. You can own this cosplay revolver to complete your look as the Frontman. Ahh!! don’t forget to have your army of soldiers with you all the time.

Squid Game Participants Costume

Squid Game Participant Costume

If you’re planning to have your Halloween Costume prepared then you have got the right thing here. The Player costume from Squid Game is all gathered up here and you only have to click! click! click! and relex.

Squid Game Participant Green Tracksuit

Squid Game Green Tracksuit

All the players have been wearing green tracksuits throughout the show. This player tracksuit here is exactly what you have been looking for. The tracksuit comprises a jacket and a trouser; both constructed a blend of cotton and polyester. The jacket is lined with soft viscose lining on the inner side, adding extra comfort and warmth to the apparel. It features a stand-up style collar that comes down to a front zippered closure for fitted wear, along with long sleeves, rib knitted cuffs, and two side pockets. The trouser, on the other hand, features rounded hems and two side pockets. The green jacket is accessorized with white stripes on the shoulders, and the green trouser has white stripes on the sides.

Squid Game Participant T-Shirt

Squid Game Player T-Shirt (Product Page)

Add up this white shirt to your outfit and complete your look like the player of Squid Game. This t-shirt can be worn as an inner along with a green tracksuit. It is fabricated from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, making it breathable, lightweight, and soft. The t-shirt features a crew neckline paired with a pull-over closure, short sleeves, and a slim fit. The fabric of the t-shirt has moisture-wicking cool that keeps you cool and dry all day long. Also, the odor control technology ensures to keep you fresh with a good smell. The soft and breathable material of the t-shirt is super comfortable and, thus, is the perfect kind of apparel to pair up with a jacket.

Shoes 1

Squid Game Participants Shoes (Product Page)

To sum up, your look like Squid Game’s player. Get your hands on these white sneakers. These sneakers are 100% synthetic made along with a durable rubber outsole. The synthetic leather upper features a low-cut design, an iconic logo at the side, and double-needle stitching on the cuts. The shoes are furthermore paired up with removable Ortho lite insoles offering long-lasting breathability and comfort. The fresh treatment on the sock liner ensures to prevent build-up. Lastly, the rubber outsole increases traction and offers slip-resistant, flexible, and durable wear. These white sneakers are just what the players are wearing in the series, their green tracksuit, and a white t-shirt.

Squid Game Guard Costume

Squid Game Guard Costume

Squid Game is incomplete with its soldiers and you need to have a very big gang in your supervisor. For ease of yours, we have bought all the items that you will need to make up your Squid Game Guard Costume ready.

Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit

Squid Game Guard Jumpsuit

The staff managing the players and activities in Squid Game carries quite an intimidating and spooky look that we all have been inspired by. These characters follow the orders given by the Front Man and are supposed to stay quiet and put on their masks all the time, that’s scary, no?

The Squid Game pink jumpsuit that the staff is wearing in the series is now available for you to grab on. This Squid Game Guard jumpsuit is constructed from cotton fabric and is lined with soft viscose lining on the inside. It features an attached hood that comes down to a zippered closure for fitted wear. The long sleeves ending up with rib knitted cuffs, two side pockets, and one chest pocket are the additional features of the apparel.

Squid Game Guard Mask

Squid Game Guard Mask (Product Page)

Your costume is incomplete without this mask. Every guard in the game has its own position and supervisor. The guard with the Square mask on is the superior of all the rest of the guards. The one wearing the Triangle mask comes under the Square Mask and directly reports to them. The guard with circle masks is the lowest-ranked guard whose job is to follow the orders of the superiors, make food for the players, prepare the arena and rest of the things.

Squid Game Guard Gloves

Squid Game Soldier Gloves (Product Page)

To replicate the same look that the staff members of the Squid Game are wearing in the series, these are the gloves that you need to get your hands onto. These gloves are fabricated from 70% wool and 30% nylon, making them quite warm and sturdy. The gloves feature a military design that is best worn for the coldest temperatures without being bulky. The extended knit wrist of the gloves offers full warm coverage and protection. The breathable and warm fabric of these gloves ensures to provide comfortable wear with ease of movement.

Squid Game Guard Boots

Squid Game Guard Boots (Product Page)

These black shoes will complete your look for the day as one of the game’s staff members. These shoes are 100% synthetic made and are paired up with a durable rubber outsole. The synthetic leather upper of the shoes features a breathability design, lace-up closure, and a padded collar. The shoes are lined with a soft memory foam insole that offers cushioning and comfort to the feet. The shoes are accessorized with a rubber outsole that offers flexible and slip-resistant wear.

Squid Game Soldier Belt

Squid Game Soldier Belt (Product Page)

To accessorize your look, you will need this black belt right away. This belt is made up of 100% genuine cowhide leather that is durable, sturdy, and smooth. The black leather strap is paired with a silver-toned prong with double holes to ensure a secure and fitted closure. The strap of the belt measures approx. 1 ½” in width is just the perfect size. The sleek and smooth leather strap with a silver buckle is exactly what the staff of the Squid Game is spotted wearing, along with the pink jumpsuit in the series.

Squid Game Guard Gun

Squid Game Guard Gun (Product Page)

To control about 456 players at a single time, you need to have a weapon in your hand. The guards of the Squid Game were seen carrying an automatic gun that they use to eliminate the players that lose the game. Here you can hang this on your shoulder and follow the lead of Frontman to feel the same as the Soldiers felt in the game.

Squid Game Costume lists all the basic and most inspired outfits above, with all the basic items and accessories that you would require to imitate the same look as your favorite characters. All you have to do is choose the outfit that has been intimidating to you, be it the Front Man outfit, the players, or the staff’s – every outfit stands tall with the unique and charming look that the audience has been inspired by. Get your hands on all the items listed under each outfit, and make sure to do it right. Look good, and let’s begin the game!