30 Things we Loved (and 10 Things we Hated) about Star Wars; The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker Loved Hated Things

Being the final episode of more than 4 decades worth series, of three trilogies and a complete saga is a difficult task. We all were well aware that there will be things in this final release that we may not like and that will break our hearts, but can that stop us from going to the cinema as soon as we can and watch the ninth and final episode of the Star Wars? Definitely not! And it couldn’t stop me from watching this epic as well.

I wouldn’t lie about things that could have been better, which were obviously out of place and things that left me with questions. However, there can be the possibility of getting another Star Wars series after a pause due to which these questions were left unanswered. Whatever it is, the final episode could have been executed in better ways and it might feel like a disappointment to some of the Star Wars fans.

Having said that, it is also necessary to state that this wasn’t the case for me. The Rise of Skywalker is one of the episodes that I actually liked if not loved. The reason behind it is simple; while watching the movie, I could identify more pros than cons of the film. Hence, today as well, I will be sharing with you 30 things that we loved about this finale episode while also stating 10 things that we utterly hated. So if you want to embark on this journey and see if you can resonate with these feelings, keep reading!

Spoiler Alert: for those who have still not watched the movie (for whatever possible reason because you should watch it soon) we would want you to know that there might be spoilers in the upcoming list that you wouldn’t want to know so be aware!

Things we loved:

  1. Cinematography: you might find it a very basic thing but the cinematography could change the whole perception of a movie. However, with Star Wars, like always, the cinematic effects increased the intensity of the film to an extent that you couldn’t take your eyes off of it.
  2. Leia: Princess Leia has been our favorite since the very first release and having her be a part of the final episode was not just a good thing but a necessary one, it gave a nostalgic feel that could only be felt from the depths of our soul.
  3. Jedi Master Leia: and to top it all, not only was she a part of the movie, but also the Jedi Master of Rey. This was something that all of us could cherish about this episode. Starting off her training with one skywalker and shifting to Leia as her master is what we all loved!
  4. The Voices: this has been an important part of the Star Wars series. We all know that the spirits come back to the newly trained or those who are in the process of training to become a Jedi and tell them things. It happened with Luke and it’s happening with Rey now. However, this time the voices of the Jedi past are more interesting because she gets to hear from the females as well who has been a part of the force, such as Ahsoka.
  5. The Ultimate Hug: if you have seen the movie, you will guess it. Yes, we are talking about the trio, the Rey, Finn and Poe Hug. It cannot be described in words how wholesome it was and how it became a moment of awe for everyone.
  6. General Hux: well, this could be a bit controversial in the sense that the change in the role of general Hux might be loved by some while others would believe it as an unreasonable shift in his character. Basically, Hux being jealous of Kylo Ren and being against him was a different turn in the story.
  7. New Ideas: When it comes to the understanding of the universe, episode IX served well in giving additional plots that could broaden the horizon of the universe. The different use of force has been staged in the episode which we all definitely loved.
  8. The Good Side of Nostalgia: seeing similar faces in the last episode was heartwarming. While it is obviously necessary to move on with the new characters in order to make the flow reasonable, it was also needed to see familiar faces. For this episode, Lando was definitely the highlight even if his time on screen was not as much as would have been expected by some.
  9. LGBTQ Representation: this might be the most adored part of the film, even more than the ultimate Rey and Kylo scene. Yes, we are talking about the on-screen same-sex kiss between D’Acy and her girlfriend who is an X Wing Pilot. The Star Wars fans are immensely happy to finally see this representation in the series.
  10. BabuFrik: being the cutest weirdest creature of the Star Wars Universe, BabuFrik with his cute voice and expressive eye has won the hearts of most of us. It reminds you of the type of universe Star Wars is picturized in while also playing an important role in helping C 3PO.
  11. Fin and the Force: he has been sensitive from the start but the way The Rise of Skywalker introduces his abilities in contrast to the force is just phenomenal.
  12. Cuteness on its Peak: amidst the war that is what Star Wars is all about, the cute creatures like BabuFrik and D-O just tell you how there can be a lighter side to everything, without them, we would probably not enjoy Star Wars as much as we do right now.
  13. Solidarity amongst the Characters: you might not think of it as something big but that trio hug was not the only time when these characters have been together. The unity between them which by the way also includes the droids and is an absolute love for C-3PO is amazing and cannot be missed from this list.
  14. C 3PO: well, we all guessed from the trailer that something is different from 3PO this time and when the movie came out, we actually saw him on screen and it confirmed most of the anticipations done by the fans before the release. Besides, we could not think of an end to the saga without his presence and hence we love it.
  15. Ben Solo: yes you read it correctly, not Kylo Ren but Ben Solo is one of the reasons why we loved episode IX. His redemption through the love of his life and his parents just melts the heart of so many fans that it is indescribable.
  16. The Lightsaber: from the discovery of Luke’s Lightsaber in the previous episode to the fight for it to the handing off of it in the final episode, the lightsaber has been a significant part of the whole story and played its role in the turn of events.
  17. Non-Human creatures: let’s not forget that star wars is what it is because of all the space creatures as well along with the droids. Generally meaning that humans are not the only attraction in the series and episode 9 does justice with that.
  18. The medal: even if Chewie gets Han’s medal, we still loved it because we have been waiting for this to happen since the very first release and so it was a relief seeing him get the medal.
  19. Rey and Luke: the two characters have had a similar history and so when the ghost of Luke comes to her, it becomes a moment that everyone could cherish. Luke has had his part of mistakes that he just doesn’t want Rey to repeat.
  20. Princess Leia’s Hairstyle: even having a glimpse of how princess Leia was like is satisfying enough. Hence, looking at Lieutenant Connix pull off that hairstyle was good enough for us.
  21. Zorrie Bliss: the helmet she wore would cover everything but even just a glimpse at those eyes was enough to appreciate the beauty.
  22. Rey and Ben: well, we all wanted them to be a thing and even in the last episode, we had a hint since they had a connection that could be seen. However, The Rise of Skywalker confirms this with the final kiss before Ben dies.
  23. Luke Leia and Rey: this trio is also something we dearly loved. Especially the scene where the force ghosts of Luke and Leia look at Rey, it just takes your heart away.
  24. Rey Skywalker: even though she is revealed to be a Palpatine by birth, the whole process of her training, her interaction with Ben and her decision to be on the light side instead of following in the steps of her grandfather, she is destined to be a Skywalker and we support that.
  25. The Title: in continuation of the above point, the title with respect to the story of Rey and to some extent Ben as well is well suited. And the final line of the movie where Rey calls herself Rey Skywalker puts the final nail in the coffin.
  26. R2 D2 and C 3PO: sorry for bringing the droids again but we can’t just get enough of them. When R2 D2 saved the day by backing up C 3PO’s memory it was such a relief, especially after the misleading part of the trailer about C 3PO.
  27. Rey Palpatine: while her announcing as a skywalker was good to hear it was also a relief to finally know her original identity as the granddaughter of Palpatine since the previous description of why her parents left her wasn’t enough for a lead character like herself.
  28. The Emperor’s Death: no matter how predictable it was or wasn’t, the end of the emperor was what all of us were hoping for.
  29. Rey’s Lightsaber: well she did use both Luke and Leia’s lightsabers but the episode would have been incomplete without having her own lightsaber which is yellow-golden. The symbolism presented through her lightsaber is deep and has various interpretations so you can find your own.
  30. The Power of Love: love has always been at the core of Star Wars. And it doesn’t matter which kind of love it is, it has hold powers stronger than anything and this force of love is well described in the ultimate episode!

Things we hated:

  1. Rey Palpatine: while it was a relief to confirm our doubts about her actual origin, it wasn’t enough to just talk about it briefly. There should have been some history to it.
  2. Confusions regarding the emperor: honestly, how it is still alive after being defeated is a mystery that should have been solved if it is really the last movie of the series but who knows they might come up with another trilogy (at least we hope that they do)
  3. Luke’s Lightsaber: in the previous episode, Maaz gave the lightsaber to Rey but never said anything about where it came from. Even after the end of the final episode, we are left with that mystery which should have been described in this episode or at least hinted towards!
  4. Unnecessary Nostalgia: there have been instances where it seems like it was forced into the story regardless of the fact that the characters have completely changed and given the same feel might not be right with the changed setting, for example, Rey being in Tatooine.
  5. Disconnection: a sort of disconnection could be felt in this episode with regards to both the sequel trilogy and the entire saga. At least this shouldn’t have been the case for the final episode.
  6. Palpatine Won: I mean yes you can justify Rey being the Skywalker but if you try to put it logically, there is no original Skywalker left and the only one who survives is, in reality, a Palpatine. So does this mean that in “The Rise of Skywalker” it is actually Palpatine who won?
  7. Finn and Rey: it was just purely irritating to see that Finn never reveals what he was going to say to Rey!
  8. Snoke: nothing is revealed about the questions we have had about Snoke in the last episode at all which just doesn’t seem fair.
  9. The Knights of Ren: while the film used them, it failed in telling the audience the real reason why they were there?
  10. Rey and Kylo: well obviously it is more that we were sad about them than hating it but then again, love stories have been sad in the Star Wars so this was kind of expected as well!
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