Starfire Costume Guide

Starfire Costume Guide

Starfire, with the real name of Princess Koriand’r, is a member of DC Teen Titans, and one of the five main protagonists of Teen Titals Go! She is an intergalactic princess, and have always found trouble adapting the life on Earth, but still, she always made it through with her adorable looks, good nature and superpowers that she got because of experiments of Psion scientists.

Starfire was raised in an alien culture, and thus has been struggling with adjusting according to Earth’s ways. She isn’t very much familiar with English grammar, and thus, has been using the word “the” before most nouns.

She is attired in a very revealing two-piece suit, featuring a purple crop top along with a miniskirt, pair of long boots and a shimmery look. If you’ve been a big fan of this DC Comics character, then this is where you need to be.

Here, under this Starfire Costume Guide, you can find a bunch of items and accessories that can help you in replicating the look of Starfire from Teen Titans. So, let’s dig in and get ourselves something really sparkly and decent.

Starfire Dress:

To embrace the same look that your favorite cartoon character, Starfire, is carrying in DC Teen Titans, this is the dress that you need to add to your cart. This dress comprises of a purple top and skirt, with a belt and gloves.

The top and skirt is constructed from polyester, that makes it very soft and lightweight. This cropped top in purple features a deep V-neckline with sleeveless sleeves, bodice fit and cropped length. The skirt on the other hand features an elastic waistband with a flattering hem and double needle stitching. With the belt you can accessorize your outfit with boldness and attitude, and ensure a fitted wear.



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Starfire wig:

To look alike your favorite Teen Titans character, Starfire, this is the hair wig that you need to wear up with the above-mentioned outfit. This hair wig will not only make you replicate the look of Starfire, but it will also add a bold and courageous look to your actual personality.

This hair wig is made up from 100% matt high temperature high quality synthetic fiber that looks like actual human hair and is very soft to touch by hand. The wig is lined with a 100% breathable rose net cap on the inside that can be adjusted according to your head size using the adjustable straps given on the inside. The texture of the wig is super smooth and thick, that makes it look so real and natural. The wig features long, wavy and curly dark pink hair with side bangs.



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Starfire stockings:

To complete your outfit and replicate the same look as Starfire’s from DC Teen Titans, this is the pair of purple stockings that you need to wear up for the day. These stockings are constructed from 98% polyester and 2% spandex, that makes it super soft, lightweight and breathable.

The fabric of the stockings is very stretchy and comfortable, that ensures a perfect fitted wear. These playful and colorful thigh high length with stripe design on the top in white. These long stockings perfectly hug the curves of your leg and offers a smart look that you’ve always adored on Starfire in Teen Titans. These stockings can fit onto body with a total weight of 90-160 lbs, and waist size measuring approx. 24-31”.



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Starfire eyelashes:

Don’t you love how big and gorgeous Starfire’s eyes look? We are in love with how cute and adorable her eyes are, and so is her personality. With these eyelashes in extended length, you can replicate the same adorable look that Starfire is carrying in Teen Titans.

This pack of eyelashes holds a pair of three lashes, with extended length and a thick layer. These lashes are lightweight and super soft, and thus, very comfortable to be worn all day long. These eyelashes are reusable and doesn’t deform so easily. You can now easily adjust these eyelashes on your real ones, by fixing the band strip right on the edge of yours. These lashes will perfectly enhance the intensity and length of your actual lashes with a natural and gorgeous look.



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Starfire lipstick:

Oh, and how can we forget this pink shade of lipstick by COVERGIRL? This stunning and adorable color of lipstick is exactly like the one that Starfire is wearing along with the above-mentioned outfit.

This lipstick is in a semi-matte and metallic finishing, that gives you a flattering and hydrating look to your lips. The lipstick is formulated with hydrating vitamins, avocado oil and moisturizing cream that ensures a hydrating and smooth look with a ravishing and bold look.



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Go through the above-mentioned Starfire Costume Guide once again, and get your hands on every single item listed above, to replicate the look of your adored DC Teen Titans character, Starfire. Embrace the same look as hers, and look as adorable and cute as she is! Good luck gal!