The Ghostbusters Costume From Stranger Things – A DIY Guide

Stranger Things Ghostbusters Costume

Netflix has given us some great TV series. Stranger Things is a Netflix production, having the idea of a parallel universe. The plot of the series lies around a team of kids, who are looking for a missing boy. A psychokinetic girl accompanies them through their journey. The second installment of the season promoted the image of Ghostbusters. The kids were equipped in the Ghostbusters costume along with every accessory. The Ghostbusters costume has been promoted in Stranger Things and has gained the interest of the majority since then. You can now get the same look, with a few clicks:

Ghostbusters Ecto GogglesStranger Things Ghostbusters Goggles (Product Page)

As one of the most crucial objects that the Ghostbusters costume holds is the Ecto Goggles. These goggles are designed with high spectral specifications. Now, there’s nothing that can hide from these goggles. You are now equipped with the power to look through everything! Grab these goggles to experience the Ghostbusters feel and resemble the kids from Stranger Things.

Stranger Things S02 JumpsuitStranger Things Ghostbusters Jumpsuit

The Ghostbusters costume simply comprises of a brown jumpsuit, with front zip closure. The costume is a trademark of Ghostbusters. Stranger Things season 2, portrayed the look of Ghostbusters by dressing up the team of boys in this brown cover-all.

The jumpsuit is made of 100% cotton, lined with a viscose lining for the comfortable and soothing feel on the inner side. The classic collar with a button sewed gives you that goofy look. A red Ghostbusters logo is of as a patch on the left arm. The jumpsuit has two zipper pockets on the chest, with a fine lining of stitching and comfort.

Stranger Things Ghostbusters Pistol BeltStranger Things Ghostbusters Pistol Belt (Product Page)

This black pistol belt will go perfectly in contrast with the brown jumpsuit. The belt is made up of the toughest material that could last long even after rigid use. The pistol belt is durable and gives you the perfect comfort that you expect.

Gear up with this astounding black belt and get hold of your weapons. Roam around seeking for ghosts and be ready to deal with them.

Stranger Things Ghostbusters Proton Pack ProjectorStranger Things Ghostbusters Proton Pack Projector (Product Page)

A member of Ghostbusters is incomplete without the iconic electronic proton pack projector. This enhances your look with grace and style. Be a real Ghostbusters! This ghost hunting gear has authentic detailing, and the functions are so reliable, that the fans will love owning this. A miniature can be inserted which will project a ghost silhouette on the surface.

Be ready to experience the life of a Ghostbusters. Equip yourself with the authentic objects and costume, and go out there looking for some spooky acts.

Stranger Things Ghostbuters Sneaker ShoesStranger Things Ghostbusters Shoes (Product Page)

Gear up in these white shoes that the gang of kids has worn along with the Ghostbusters costume. The shoes compliment the brown pistol belt and accessories. Stranger Things season 2, has portrayed the look of Ghostbusters immensely and have given a new kiddy look to the idea of Ghostbusters.

Wear these shoes, and be ready to run away as you detect a ghost!

As Stranger Things have showcased the costume of Ghostbusters in their season 2, the influence has been strong over the audience. What could be a better costume to wear on this Halloween? Be ready to slay with this Ghostbusters costume along with your gang. Now, you can get your hands on this complete package of Ghostbusters costume that Stranger Things has promoted in their season 2. Get your kids this attire along with all the accessories, and be their favorite parent. Or, gear up in the Ghostbusters costume this Halloween along with your friends and enjoy looking out for ghosts with your ghost detector machine.