How To Look Like A Pure Rikishi In the Sumo Costume

As we became more open to the world of sports and entertainment, it was always going to be more exciting. The fact of learning something new and knowing the roots or origins of it always makes you wonder how or why it was invented in the first place. When it comes to the country of Japan and the world of wrestling, it is taken very seriously and the world watches it with the same excitement as if they saw it for the first time. With wrestling being very ancient in this beautiful country, Japan invented an art called, Sumo.

The phrase “striking one another” is what the word Sumo means. It dates back centuries ago and in today’s lifetime, the art and moves are still used in scripted wrestling. Its technical side of it makes it a basic lesson for those that are into the new form of wrestling. There is a whole lot of grappling and tossing around in a circle. The ring is called Dohyo and by using fair means, the opponent can only win by forcing their counterpart outside of it or dropping them to the floor of the ring. It may sound easy but by looking at their heavy physique, it comes tougher than what you expect. However, the fun is always in how these superstars dress for their matches with a piece of cloth wrapped around their bottom area. Have a look at some fun Sumo Wrestler costume picks in this list.

Kids Sumo Wrestler Suit

Kids Sumo Wrestler Suit (Product Page)

The first pick is for the kids. The simple suit is one size and it can fit an age bracket of 6-10 years. The product includes the suit and the wig. For more details, check it out.

Adult Sumo Wrestler Costume

Sumo Wrestler Costume (Product page)

Now, this is one type of Rikishi costume you have never seen. Usually, the instant picture to come in mind of a Sumo wrestler is a bulky dude. This one, however, takes it to a leaner side of the appearance.

Inflatable Sumo Costume

Inflatable Sumo Costume (Product page)

We know how many people love to stick to the original and nothing can outdo this particular suit. This inflatable suit for adults is operated by batteries, just like some of the other Sumo Wrestler costumes in the guide.

Pick Me Up Kids CostumePick Me Up Kids Costume (Product page)

These kinds of costumes are very popular for animals and adults. With the many variations of the Sumo costume, kids can now go for the “Pick Me Up” costume category.

Pick Me Up Adult CostumePick Me Up Adult Costume (Product page)

The polyester-made costume is an adult size and by choosing the link above; you will be directed to product straightaway. It is easy to maintain and can be a perfect choice to combine it with your kids’ suit mentioned above.Formal Sumo Costume

Formal Sumo Costume (Product page)

Sumo wrestlers aka Rikishis are known to be more bare and it makes them look more interesting when they fight. Well, have you imagined what a Rikishi would look like when he is dressed in a suit?

Punk Sumo Costume

Punk Sumo Costume (Product page)

Keeping the entertaining picks for the Sumo costume going, here is a rock star Sumo suit. With the headpieces, you can, literally, rock the Sumo look at any costume event.

Ballet Sumo Costume

Ballet Sumo Costume (Product page)

They say that the sport of Sumo is elegant and beautiful because of how they perform with their massive bodies. The Ballet costume would certainly add to the elegance of the sport.

That was your best options for the Sumo Wrestler Costume. With respect and love that these wrestlers receive around the world, considering this as a funny costume is very unlikely. What are you going to choose for your costume in 2019?

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