Easy To Follow The Destroyer Drax Costume Guide

Drax Costume Guide

Drax the Destroyer is the powerfully energetic and muscular character created by Marvel Comics in relation to the Guardians line up – a heavily built blue colored manly alien. At first, Drax was a normal man named as Arthur and enjoyed company of his alikes. Sadly, he along with his family members came under the oppressive banner of Thanos, leaving all of them dead. Eventually, a being known as Kronos took Arthur’s avenge-seeking soul and spirited it into a powerful new body. And this is how Drax the Destroyer came into being. Drax is one of those Guardian fighters who’ll give their all in order to defend and aid the righteous amid to the past catastrophic encounters.

Drax Costume For Adults

The following easy-to-read-and-follow steps will guide you to flawlessly let you daringly don up as the Drax. This is also very popular Guardian character outfit when it comes to disclose the best of your Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Costume.

Drax Jumpsuit and Mask

Drax Jumpsuit and Mask (Product Page)

Made with high-class polyester materials – both the mask and jumpsuit are totally insane when it comes to exactness of Drax the Destroyer. Moreover, the mask and the muscular chest areas are filled up with a fiber finesse in order to give you the strong-built manly appearance. A decent and durable buy for your enthralling cosplaying bodies.

Drax Pant

Drax Pant (Product Page)

This is a cargo style pant that will definitely go quite well with your Guardians of the Galaxy Drax Costume culture. A very genuine material has been used along with the interior itch-free comfy lining. A worthy leg wear merchandise that is equally adaptable as well for your seasonal wardrobe wears.

Drax Shoes

Drax Shoes (Product Page)

The combination of synthetic faux leather along with a rubber sole confirms that your feet are safe and secure along with the long runs. These shoes are in very good shape and form and are just ideal for your Drax Guardian Outfit.

Drax Knife

Drax Knife (Product Page)

These are an essential prop item when you’re looking to reveal your Drax Costume Outfit with the best of his accurate imitation. The knife is made with high-quality plastic material and the blades are patterned with typical Drax tattoo traces.

Drax Makeup Kit

Drax Makeup Kit (Product Page)

Remember how the patient was Dave Bautista aka Drax the Destroyer when he had to put makeup over him for more than a 4 hour period? This became quite a famous non-shoot celebrity endeavor. For this sole purpose, we are also offering you a makeup kit to make the most for your Guardian Drax Costume Outfit.

To all the fathers and uncles out there! Not to worry because we got the same body coverings for your little darling boys as well. Truly, it feels preciously awesome for a father-son costume combo at Comic Cons and other related events.

Drax Kids Costume

Get the Drax Costume for Kids version down below – a picture-perfect DIY guide for your brave and bold sons and nephews.

Drax Kids Jumpsuit and Mask

Drax Kids Jumpsuit and Mask (Product Page)

Made with a body-friendly comfy material of polyester, your kids are going to celebrate their jolly jump and bump moods with these Drax jumpsuit and Mask. A great purchase to overcome the cry-baby situation.

Drax Kids Pant

Drax Kids Pant (Product Page)

To keep the balance between the upper wear and the lower wear, the polyester material is kept for both of them. This is a decent leg-comfort buy for your kids, which is also compliant with other occasional events as well.

Drax Kids Shoes

Drax Kids Shoes (Product Page)

These shoes are ideal for your little ones due to its durable and non-slip features. Made totally with a supple and sturdy synthetic leather material, these shoes are well crafted – including a belt-strap fastening as well. On the whole, these are appropriately perfect for your Drax the Destroyer Kids Costume Outfit range.

The Destroyer Drax Costume Infographic

Not to worry Guardian geeks if you’re having the boredom attack from the humane-cultured clothing collection of the Guardians. You can also choose from animated non-human Guardians characters as well – the Rocket Raccoon and Groot. Our Guardians of the Galaxy Costume Guide DIY has it all to offer you a variation with your great Guardians get-up.

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