The Walking Dead Michonne Costume Guide

The Walking Dead Michonne Costume

Michonne is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead. The character also appears in media adaptations of the series. The style of a Michonne is simple but cool-girl style, tie-up a band with studs belt and beautiful bag. Michonne is a former lawyer as well as a divorcée with two missing daughters. She forms a causal relationship with Tyreese while he is already in a relationship with Carol. Michonne is both a tough and a good-hearted survivor. She tends to work alone and keeps much of her secret.

Here we present the Michonne Costume for your ease, we try to describe you every single detail about its basic necessary accessories for the perfect accurate looks. Her costume details have the jacket, sleeveless tank top, jeans, sword, belt, hair band, boots, and wig. We strive to provide you the perfect and exact look of Michonne. For the screen accurate looks, you have to focus on the single detailing on her accessories.

Danai Gurira Vest

Michonne Vest

Here is the Michonne Vest, which is exactly same and when you wear this vest you will feel like her, the vest is made-up of real leather and has viscose lining inside so that you feel comfortable while wearing this jacket.

Danai Gurira Shirt

Michonne Tank-Top (Product Page)

You have to wear this shirt inside the jacket, which is the style of Michonne. The shirt is made-up from a unique blend of Polyester & Spandex. They can be worn as a casual outfit, workout tank, yoga tank, or used to lounge around the house.

Danai Gurira Pant

Michonne Pant (Product Page)

The slim fit jeans are made from the highest quality materials with quality craftsmanship to provide comfort and long-lasting durability. This will gives you the perfect looks and comfortable feeling while wearing. You can wear these jeans separately with your other dresses and also wear on any casual or formal party.

Danai Gurira Belt

Michonne Belt (Product Page)

Michonne wears this metal studded leather belt, this belt is made-up of 100% solid leather, one piece thick leather with riveted studs for durability and long lasting, for casual or wear with jeans Snap on rectangular buckle and interchangeable. Antique silver hardware, all studs are riveted.

Danai Gurira Wig

Michonne Wig (Product Page)

For the perfect look you have to wear this curly spiral type Brown colored wig, which gives you accurate looks. The wig is made-up of synthetic material; we use high quality of material that you will not feel any type of itching and irritation for sure; you can wear this wig for many hours and maintain your looks in a party.

Danai Gurira headband

Michonne Hair Band (Product Page)

Michonne wears this multicolored hair bands, which looks cool and appealing in looks. The hair band is very soft, stretchy and comfortable, fits almost every one for sure. The band is made-up of polyester or chiffon material with elastic detailing. You can wear these multicolored hair bands with your other dresses too and looks smarter and gives slightly styling to your hairs for sure.

Danai Gurira Sword

Michonne Sword Katana (Product Page)

In The Walking Dead series Michonne carries sword with herself, she fight with this and use very elegantly that you will wish to use this sword like her, here for the detailing of  her costume we present this sword as well as in a one plate form. The Katana is made-up of Stainless Steel material so that which you can carry for many years ahead without any hassle.

Danai Gurira Bag

Michonne Bag (Product Page)

Michonne carries this stunning bag with her, the bag has too much space that you can keep your important belonging in it easily with yourself throughout the day along. Accessorize like one of the baddest zombie killers of all time! The Walking Dead Michonne’s Sling Bag takes some of the elements seen on Michonne’s character from The Walking Dead and turns them into stylish additions on this great bag to make it even greater! It’s a must-have accessory for fans of the character!

Danai Gurira Shoes

Michonne Boots (Product Page)

She wears simple but yet again stylish cool boots so that she looks greats. The boots are Man Made and Imported quality material with Synthetic sole. Which you can carry easily and it has side buckled adjustment which helps you.

Here we discuss all the specs and necessary accessories which you need for your exact for The Walking Dead Michonne Costume. We concluded all those things in at one platform just for your ease and comfort so that you can just pick this costume for your any theme party and Halloween parties. We used premium quality material for our all products so that you will be amazed to see that, you can wear or use these accessories for many years ahead for sure and without any hassles.