The Beautiful Evangeline Lilly The Wasp Costume

Hope Van Dyne Antman and The Wasp Costume

Have you seen such exciting superpowers through which a person can fly?  Then let us tell you about the thrilling character of Hope van Dyne who is seen as The wasp in the movie Ant-Man and the Wasp. The movie will definitely bring this new character in which you will see wasp wearing an amazing The wasp costume through which she can fly and can change her size as well. The character of this glamorous character is been performed by the actress Evangeline Lilly.

You can now cosplay the character of Hope van Dyne by attiring the below guide of The Wasp Costume:

Evangeline Lilly Helmet

The Wasp Helmet (Product Page)

Evangeline Lilly Costume

The Wasp Suit (Product Page)

Evangeline Lilly Wings

The Wasp Wings (Product Page)

This jacket is optional if you only want to buy the jacket then have this apparel made of PU leather will last for the longest time and give you the appealing appearance like the beautiful Hope van Dyne.

Evangeline Lilly Jacket

The Wasp Jacket

The Wasp Costume is now ready you can cosplay the accurate look of Wasp easily by following the props mention above. The material and things used in the making of this costume are all durable and long lasting so that you can use them for a long time. We have added all the products related to the costume we will add more if required.