A Guide To Tim Goodman Costume – The Next Pokemon Trainer Attire

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman Costume

Each one of us has been a diehard fan of Pikachu since our childhood, having him as the detective Pikachu is something exciting for us. Tim Goodman – Justice Smith plays the character who accompanies Detective Pikachu. The character is a protagonist alongside with Pikachu – who by the way is the only one that can understand what Pikachu speaks. Apparently, Tim Goodman is a young salesman aged 21 years old seeking out his father who has been missing. The appearance of Tim Goodman is certainly pleasing, as our young generation is attracted towards his attire that he has grasped over while being a partner to Detective Pikachu. You may here find the details of his apparel and grab these perfect particulars right away to enjoy the look that Tim Goodman carried out in Pokémon Detective Pikachu.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman Leather Jacket

Tim Goodman carries around his character with a perfect real leather jacket in black color. What could be better to highlight the masculine looks than a leather jacket and at the top of it – the classic black color. The leather jacket has a zipper closure with a furred collar to enhance the manhood in your personality. The most important thing is that you get the Shirt that Tim Goodman is wearing in the movie free of cost with your order.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman T-shirtDetective Pikachu Tim Goodman T-shirt (Product Page)

You already get the shirt that has doted Pokémon logo on its chest when you get the jacket. But there is another shirt that Tim Goodman has worn in the movie. His unique shirt has an unbeatable logo on it that makes the look of the character more enhancing to adopt. Not for just cosplay, you can wear this shirt as your daily routine outfit and it will only enhance your look rather than making people pass comments on your look.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman JeansDetective Pikachu Tim Goodman Jeans (Product Page)

As the character is simple yet classic, the pair of black jeans is what compliments his attire. This pair of black jeans can now be in your wardrobe without any hustle.

Detective Pikachu Tim Goodman SneakersDetective Pikachu Tim Goodman Sneakers (Product Page)

To be on the go, Tim Goodman needs a perfect pair of shoes so that he can be as quiet as quick in term to seek his missing father. Alongside with Pikachu, you have to be fast and clingy. So, this is the choice for you to make and get your shoe stand set with this perfect pair of red sneakers.

What are you waiting for now? Get your hands working right away and order up this astonishing yet classy apparel to make it a part of your wardrobe. Tim Goodman has been a classic addition to the Pokémon family as he is the only one understanding Pikachu and coming up to the level of missions that Detective Pikachu goes through. So, you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to come up with the personality and look that Tim Goodman withholds. Order now, and cherish the moments of PIKA PIKA.