Top 10 Celebrities to Cosplay This Halloween 2021

Top 10 Celebrities to Cosplay This Halloween 2021

Have you thought through what to wear for Halloween 2021? NO? Are you kidding? It’s high time to do now bud!

Well, if you haven’t picked up your Halloween 2021 costume yet, then you are in here for a treat. We know how challenging it can be to choose a Halloween outfit and make sure to get it right. Of course, picking out the perfect Halloween costume is a big deal, because it embraces you with the energy and potential of whosoever’s personality you’re impersonating.

We all love Hollywood entertainers, and we are highly inspired and intimidated by them as well. Every year, majority of us, dress up as celebrities for Halloween, fulfilling their fandom and looking alike their favorite characters and celebrities from movies, TV series and games.

How about, this year, we choose the celebrity to cosplay who is top of our fanhood list in 2021. There are several new characters played by our favorite celebrities, who would be a great choice to go with this year. Let’s go through the list of top 10 celebrities to cosplay this Halloween 2021 and find ourselves the perfect outfit. Let’s dig in.

1.    Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil

Emma Stone as Cruella De Vil ( Product Page )

Emma Stone in Cruella 2021 has done an outstanding job and we love for how amazingly she has carried her character. For this Halloween, you can cosplay her character of Cruella De Vil and walk with a proud feel into the room. You can go along with any of her outfit from the movie, because let’s admit, every outfit worn by her is AMAZING! Go with the black and white faux fur coat with a black gown, dye your hair half in black and half in white, and try the bold red lip color for the night.

2.    Scarlett Johnson as Black Widow

Scarlett Johnson as Black Widow in Black Widow 2021 has won our hearts! Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow is the female superhero who has inspired the women all around, and empowered them with great potential and strength. This Halloween, you can dress up as Black Widow, by wearing one of her black bodysuits and putting on a red hair wig. You can totally pull-off her look!

3.    Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker ( Product Page )

How about dressing up as the psychopathic criminal, the Joker, from the movie Joker 2019. This villain has surely won our hearts with his evil and psychotic mind. Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, has portrayed his life in the most dramatic and immense manner, that summed up his reason of becoming the Joker.

4.    Elisabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in Wandavision has made us all for in love with her. This Halloween, dress up as the gorgeous Scarlet Witch and let the crowd love how great you look. The red vinyl dress with a revealing neckline and a cape, look alike your favorite witch, with a touch of a bold red lip color and matching gloves.


5.    Maggie Geha as Poison Ivy

Get dressed as Poison Ivy (Maggie Geha) and get dressed in the perfect Halloween costume ever. The character of Poison Ivy introduced in DC Comics is associated with Batman and is more than what we can see. To look alike Maggie Geha as she plays the character of Poison Ivy, get dressed from head to toe, with a red hair wig, green corset, shorts and poison ivy tights. This is your moment to get recognized and adored.

6.    Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso ( Product Page )

Ted Lasso is one of the most popular TV series right now. Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso, has portrayed a great personality of a football team coach, who is given an opportunity to coach an association football team. His “coach” look has made us fall for him with great love and affection. Get dressed as Ted Lasso, with a formal shirt and a trouser. Pair it up with a sweater and complete your look with a bold, manly mustache.

7.    Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise

The scariest clown out there has to be Pennywise from It: Chapter Two! How spooky it would be, to dress up as Pennywise and walk around the streets looking like the scariest thing on the earth? Bill Skarsgard has played the character of Pennywise outstandingly, and this is the outfit that you need to wear for Halloween 2021. Look alike the evilest clown, with the Pennywise costume, wig and that clown makeup. Don’t forget to hold onto some red balloons.

8.    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman ( Product Page )

The Amazon Princess and immortal demigoddess, Wonder Woman, has our hearts, forever! This Halloween, dress up as Wonder Woman and let the world see how bad-ass you can be. Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Wonder Woman 1984, has spotted in a gold costume, looking all stunning and aesthetic. You can dress up as Wonder Woman, by getting your hands on the metallic gold cat suit, with a gold tiara, shoulder epaulets and a light up lasso.

9.    Money Heist Character

The season that has been trending at the top of our lists, is Money Heist! Get dressed as one of the robbers from Professor’s team and be cunning and bold in front of the crowd. Walk around wearing a red jumpsuit, black boots and the mask that has been our favorite. Let the world step away from you, as you walk into the room.

10. Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther

Chadwick Boseman as Black Panther ( Product Page )

Chadwick Boseman has made a special place in our hearts through his performance as Black Panther in the movie Black Panther. You can pay him a tribute this year, by dressing up as Black Panther for the upcoming Halloween party and look alike the most talented celebrity that ever was. Get your hands on the Black Panther suit, claws, mask, and the claw necklace. Look alive in black.


Choose any of the top 10 celebrities to cosplay this Halloween 2021, and let the world admire your fandom and look.