Top 10 Cheap Date Ideas For This Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Cheap date ideas for this Valentin

As romantic and sensational Valentine’s Day is, we know how it can be quite heavy on the pocket as well. But if you focus on the fun part of Valentine’s Day date, it isn’t essential to be something royal and luxurious. All you have to do is create a romantic and exquisite atmosphere for your loved one and yourself. Let this Valentine’s Day be all about your love!

Forget the fancy restaurants, expensive gifts, flowers, and attires. Spend some memorable time with your sweetheart and get to know the real her! We are here with the top 10 cheap date ideas for this Valentine’s Day, that you can cherish without worrying about your bank account. Give the following a look and make this Valentine’s Day romantic!

1.    Stargazing under the night sky

What could be more romantic than spending some alone time with your sweetheart under the sky? Get some warm blankets, a wine bottle and some comfy pillows to your backyard. Lay down under the sky with your soul mate beside you, and spend the most romantic night of your life. See the stars on the sky above, and comfort your other half while gazing into your future. Let the beautiful sky embrace your relationship with love and affection. Trust us, she would love to spend her Valentine’s Day with you under the gorgeous sky!

2.    A refreshing picnic in the park

You two love birds deserve to spend some precious and alone time together. We know how crowded places can be on Valentine’s Day, thus, it would be just perfect to hit the park with a picnic basket and some fancy wine. You can get your meal packed from home, some music, sheets and maybe a board game. Spend the evening together, watch the gorgeous sunset whilst holding hands and promising to be there for each other. Let this Valentine’s Day be about love.

3.    Cook together at home

Change of plans, we’re about to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home! Oh yes, it would be super fun and super romantic! Instead of being rushed in the restaurants, waiting for hours to get a seat for dinner and rushing up the meal, go for a homemade cooked dinner date! Surprise your sweetheart with a red dress and some finest jewelry. Get in the kitchen with her and cook some beef stripes with stir-fried veggies or maybe some pasta. Make this time memorable. Make her taste the spices and help her out in dicing the veggies. This would be the perfect way to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day!

4.    Plan a movie night

Instead of booking two seats in the theatre, cherish some alone time at home with your other half! Plan a romantic movie night in your living room. Dim the lights, place some scented candles and get bowls full of popcorns. Choose a romantic movie to watch and get some cozy blankets on the couch. Sit close to your sweetheart, maybe cuddle a bit and have the most romantic time of your life. You can talk about your future and admire the blessing of being with a loved one!

5.    Dance your heart out

Hasn’t it been long that you didn’t get to have that perfect dance with your sweetheart? Well, let this Valentine’s Day bring back the spark in your relationship. Make some space in your living room and put some romantic music. Hold your girl close and move slowly to the music. This would be the most romantic night of her life, and yours as well! Let your bond be strengthened as you two realize how blessed you both are!

6.    Stay in bed and have fun

We know how busy and exhausting your schedule is, so what about staying in bed for this Valentine’s Day? You two can cherish some alone time in bed. Talk and share what you have been going through for the past weeks. Make this time romantic with breakfast in bed and watching your favorite TV series for the entire day! Order food and don’t even step in the kitchen.

7.    Massage each other

As Valentine’s Day is all about making each other happy and loved, massaging each other could be the best way of doing so. Set up some scented candles, soothing music and massage oil. Let your partner rest and relax. Focus on pressing some pressure points and make this spa date a hit!

8.    Walk on the beach

Not every date on Valentine’s Day is supposed to be expensive! You can simply go for a walk on the beach and cherish some precious moments with your soul mate. Walk on the beach barefoot, let the cold water hit your feet as you are holding hands with your other half. These precious moments do not need big bucks to be spent. You can grab a bottle of wine and celebrate!

9.    Get a coffee

Rather than going out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, you can plan to go and grab a cup of coffee. And let’s be honest, this would cost you a lot less and you will be able to celebrate your Valentine’s Day somewhere out as well.

10. Share a milkshake

Let’s go back to the lane of the 80s, where love birds used to share a drink with two straws! Get your milkshake crazy toppings or add booze to it. the cherry on the top will make you feel Valentine’s Day love! Share it with your other half and enjoy some stares! Ah, love is in the air, isn’t it?


Let your sweetheart have the best time on this special day of the year. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing your love with your dear ones, instead of making it a burden on yourself, use these clever and cheap date ideas to make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one! Reflect the depth of your love in every small gesture. Happy Valentine’s Day!