Top 10 Dishes You Will Love to Cook On this Thanksgiving Dinner

Top 10 Dishes You Will Love to Cook On this Thanksgiving Dinner

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, have you already invited your friends and family for the big meal? In case you haven’t because of the confusion about the dishes to serve, go ahead now because we have the best top 10 dishes that you will love to cook on this Thanksgiving Dinner! After all, what’s Thanksgiving without that delicious food, huh? So, freshen up and get that apron on, because this Thanksgiving we’re about to get some delicious Thanksgiving dinner dishes ready, that could reflect the love that you carry for your friends and family. Let them know their importance, by giving them the best Thanksgiving gifts along with a memorable meal for the dinner.

What is Thanksgiving about?

Well, Thanksgiving is all about expressing the love that we have for our loved ones. We know, that you don’t need a particular day to show the affection that you hold, but this is just an opportunity to do so. Big meals, sharing gifts and spending some quality time with your friends and family – is just what a perfect Thanksgiving looks like! Let this occasion be the reason for joy that your family can cherish for long. Show some love and dedication to your loved ones while having them over and serving them with the best of Thanksgiving dinner dishes.

Food and Thanksgiving

The ritual of having a classic set of Thanksgiving dinner dishes on the table on Thanksgiving, is what every one of us love! If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, then here’s the good news! We are here to get you all set with the menu that will make everyone adore your food and obviously, you!The connection of good food and Thanksgiving has been vital to spend a joyful Thanksgiving! So, this Thanksgiving, make some delicious food and gather up all your friends and family to spend some quality time together.

Have the big meal together, share your Thanksgiving stories and play some exciting games with your friends and family to cherish this joyous occasion. Who wouldn’t love to spend a memorable Thanksgiving, with tasteful food and several activities? Show your loved ones the love and affection that you hold for them. Be thankful to have such a loving and supportive family who always has your back. And what could be better to say that you love them than cooking them the best Thanksgiving dinner dishes that could fill up their tummies and make them crave more – as the old saying goes, ‘The way to people’s heart goes through their tummy!’. Make your way to their hearts by creating memories.

Thanksgiving Dinner Dishes that you will love to cook

As a host to the Thanksgiving dinner, you might be concerned about the menu to go with. The Thanksgiving dinner must go as per the ritual, with the most classic Thanksgiving dinner dishes and desserts. We are here to help you out! Below are mentioned top 10 dishes that you will love to cook on this Thanksgiving dinner. And believe us, people will love every bit of it. Check out the following Thanksgiving dinner dishes and add the beauty of food to your dinner table:

1.    Traditional Turkey

The essential dish for Thanksgiving dinner, traditional Turkey, can never get old! The highlight of the Thanksgiving dinner table is definitely the perfect roasted Turkey, with the most authentic garnishing, has its own charm and excitement. Without the perfect cooked Turkey, Thanksgiving can never be the same.

As a host to a Thanksgiving dinner, the first and essential dish that you must go for, is a perfectly roasted Turkey. The entire turkey is usually prepared as a whole, with seasonal and exceptional stuffing which might include, vegetables, fruits or nuts. Herbs are used to season and garnish the turkey for an astounding smell. You may cook the Turkey in the oven or over an open flame, the choice is yours. Just ensure to keep the Turkey juicy and delicious on the inner side so that it tastes heavenly. Trust us, your guests will find it hard to quit eating this delicious mouthwatering big seasoned Turkey!

  Traditional Turkey

2.    Classic Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are essential to be on the menu of Thanksgiving dinner. It is surely one of the simplest yet fasted Thanksgiving dinner dishes that you can prepare in no time. All you have to do is grab onto some potatoes, boil them and peel them off.

You can now crush them to make the texture of potatoes soft and creamy. Once you are done with crushing them evenly, add some butter, milk, and garlic to it. Taa-daa! The perfect classic creamy mashed potatoes are done! Season it with some coriander and oregano. Mashed potatoes can be used as an individual dish on the dinner table and you can also present it as a sideline to your main course. Be them, adults or kids, everyone loves to add potatoes to their plate.

Classic Mashed Potatoes

3.    Thick Gravy Sauce:

Adding spice to your dinner is something that every one of us love! As you have been cooking Turkey and several other types of meat, the leftover juices can be saved to produce something exciting and delicious. Rather than discarding or drying up the juices that your cooked meat has left behind, add them to a bowl and create the thick gravy sauce to spice up the dishes.

Thicken it and some seasonal spices to it. As you cook the juice with spices overheat, you will witness the thickness that it gets. There you are, with the spicy and saucy gravy that you can pour over your meals. Usually, the gravy sauce is poured over the mashed potatoes to spice up the taste. Decorate your dinner table with this spicy gravy and embrace the enhancement of flavors.

Thick Gravy Sauce

4.    Cranberry Sauce

It’s time to add something tangy and colorful to your Thanksgiving dinner table. The cranberry sauce is just the perfect sauce that you need to add as your Turkey’s sideline. The flavor that the cranberry sauce gives to your Turkey, will make you fall in love with the taste and aroma.

It’s quite easy to make the cranberry juice from a scratch, whereas you can also grab a tin of cranberry sauce from any store. To make your own cranberry sauce, all you need to have is cranberries, lemon, sugar, and water. Let all the ingredients boil on low flame. And as the ingredients get soft and indulge in each other, that is the time to strain it out. There you are, with the most perfect cranberry sauce right beside your hot sizzling Turkey.

Cranberry Sauce

5.    Green Bean Casserole

The casserole is a stew that is one of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner dishes. It is a combination of green beans, cream, mushroom soup, and fried onions. Having a green bean casserole on Thanksgiving dinner table will complement the other dishes.

If you have been on diet and you are worried to gain the holiday weight, then this is surely the dish that you must go with. As a hostess for Thanksgiving dinner, this is certainly a dish that would be easy to get ready and would certainly fill up the tummies of your guests. This Thanksgiving, green beans are about to make their way to your table.

Green Bean Casserole

6.    Yams:

Yams are a must to have on the Thanksgiving dinner table. This Thanksgiving, add the dish of Yams in a form of casserole or mashed dish and cherish the traditional Thanksgiving dinner dish.

Yams are sweet potatoes with a yellow colored texture. The creamy type of potatoes is usually served in a baked form with additional sauces and creamy texture. Candied yams can be one of the options to represent yams on your dinner table. You can add brown sugar, butter, and marshmallows to the potatoes and bake it to get one of the more tasteful dishes that would make your guests adore you even more. You can place this as a sideline to your main course and cherish the classic look of your platter.


7.    Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin has been one of the traditional trademarks for Thanksgiving dinner. As a dessert, you can come up with the classic pumpkin pie to spread joy and sweetness among your friends and family with love and affection. As Autumn is right around the corner, let the taste of pumpkins spread.

You can add this delicious pumpkin pie to the menu of your Thanksgiving dinner. Ensure to maintain a flaky crust for your pie with a soft and warm texture. The filling of the pumpkin pie will enhance the taste of pumpkin spice. This Thanksgiving, you can cherish the dinner with your family and friends by preparing these meals before time. The pie can be kept in the oven as to be served after dinner.

Pumpkin Pie

8.    Classic Stuffing

As you have been preparing the big hot meal, Turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner, you would certainly want to add sidelines to it. Classic stuffing can be one of the outstanding sidelines for your main course. As a host, we certainly want to add as many items of food on our table so that people may have options to go with.

To go along with the traditional, a classic stuffing dish is made of bread and several herbs which serve the most authentic taste of stuffing to your main course. Stuffing can have several ingredients, including sausages, vegetables, sauces, and herbs. You can arrange the stuffing along with your main course and decorate your table with a traditional look.

Classic Stuffing

9.    Roasted Veggies

Who doesn’t love to add vegetables to their meals? You can now serve roasted vegetables as a sideline for your main course. Meat, meat, and meat can be sometimes overwhelming! So, as to compensate for the taste of meat all over, people love to add vegetables to their plates.

The dish is an easy peasy one to prepare. Just gather up all the vegetables such as capsicum, carrots, cabbage, onion, tomatoes along with beans and iceberg. Roast the veggies with pepper and salt to give them a classic taste. You can add sausages or seafood to it. There you are, with the easiest recipe and a food fulling one. People can have it as a separate meal or as a sideline with the main course of Turkey.

Roasted Veggies

10.    Pecan Pie

As Turkey is one of the essentials for Thanksgiving dinner, Pecan pie is considered as a MUST for the dessert on Thanksgiving. The spices, pecan and maple syrup are just what you need to close your traditional Thanksgiving dinner menu with.

The taste that the nuts, pecan give to the dessert is just flattering and mouthwatering. Let your guests cherish the traditional taste of pecan pie for the Thanksgiving dinner even if they say that they are full! Trust us, they wouldn’t be able to resist the beauty that this pie serves. Let them make some room for the dessert.

Pecan Pie

As cherishing the occasion of Thanksgiving are people who host Thanksgiving dinner might feel left out, as they are all caught up in the kitchen, whereas the guests are laughing and talking in the drawing-room. Along with the above-mentioned dishes, you can save up some time beforehand and enjoy your family time along with delicious dinner. Let this Thanksgiving be a joyous one, that all your friends and family can cherish for a good long time. Make them enjoy the Thanksgiving dinner with delicious and tasteful dishes, that they can’t resist trying. As a host, the concern of making the perfect meal is totally normal, so trust us, these dishes can’t make anything go wrong. You are about to become the most expert host for Thanksgiving! Try each and every recipe mentioned above, and let the love reflect through these heavenly tasting Thanksgiving dinner dishes. Happy Thanksgiving and Bon appetite!