Top 10 Gifts Idea’s For Valentine’s Day

Top 10 Gifts Idea's For Valentine’s Day

We all have someone special in our lives, someone who was not a part of our lives from the time we were born but then became a part of our family. Yes, we are talking about our significant others, the person we choose to spend our lives with, the person we care about and who we have fallen in love with again and again! However, sometimes we forget to appreciate their efforts or even just their presence in our lives and occasions like Valentine’s Day are a way of remembering their value and how your life would be so incomplete without them. Hence, in order to embark on the journey of making your partners feel loved and appreciated, we have decided to help you out by having a list of top 10 gift ideas for Valentine’s Day! Just take a look at this list and decide on the gift that you think your partner will love. Also, there are gifts for both boys and girls and some gender-neutral ideas as well so don’t worry and dive in to find the perfect gift for your loved ones:

  1. Roses: for some this might be a cliché but the reason we have it on top of our list is the fact that Valentine’s Day is incomplete without it. Even if you think that this is not enough, just have it alongside the other gift, you need to start your valentine with flowers. Also, you can be a lot more creative than just handing out a bouquet of red roses. For example, you can give her a single flower at every hour of the day with a note of how she completes your life, or you can gift him a bottle of wine surrounded with flowers in order to have a fusion of traditional yet contemporary Valentine’s Day. Also, do keep in mind that roses should be traded both ways and it should not always be the guy who needs to gift roses!
  2. Skincare Products: this one might sound like a completely feminine gift since girls are considered to be more skin cautious but it’s not completely true. There are guys out there who like to take care of their skin just as much as they like to work on their physique, and those of you who don’t really care about it, do remember you are missing out on so much! Hence, if your boyfriend/girlfriend is one of those people who know how to care about themselves, gift them a whole package of skincare products and they will love you for the rest of their lives because they know the worth of such a caring gift!
  3. Use Technology: the pace, with which technology is evolving day by day, is the same pace with which human needs are increasing. You can call it a luxury but when it comes to technology, we are becoming so dependent on it that it is hard to imagine life without these things. Plus for most of us, it is a job requirement as well. Hence, if your partner has been thinking of getting a new laptop or phone, or even some other accessory which also fits in your budget, maybe Valentine’s Day would be a good time to cut out this one tension off of your partner’s list!
  4. Jacket/outfit: clothes are one of the best gifts because it is evergreen. Additionally, the fashion changes after every few months or so and if your partner is one of those people who like to follow the trend, this Valentine’s Day could be your way to tell them how much you respect their decisions by getting that specific jacket or an outfit that they have been drooling over for weeks now! It will not only bring that lighting up your life smile but will also make their heart melt for you once more! Again, it is a gender-neutral gift and anyone of you can acquire it!
  5. Reasons Why I Love You Notebook: too much of an effort? Well, if you really love them, probably not! Although time can be a major constraint if you prepare yourself in advance, you will probably be able to get it done in time. Furthermore, you can have photos of both of you added in the notebook in order to explain some of the reasons. After all, for some people, pictures work better than words!
  6. Customized gifts: we all know that this works like a charm no matter how old it gets. However, the reason for including customized gift options on our list is to tell you how it is extremely important to make your decision wisely. With the advanced competition, you can literally customize anything, but keep in mind that for Valentine’s Day, it should be something that expresses your emotions even better than you!
  7. Personalized Jewelry: yet another gender-neutral option could be to buy a valuable piece of jewelry that they can have on them all the time and which can remind them of your love! For boys, you can gift them something for their piercings which has their/your initials on it. For girls, it can be named necklaces that signify your love for them!
  8. Couple Portrait: if your partner is into anime, or even love the animated characters, this gift would be perfect! We all have seen our animated versions on our phone screens but it is still special when you can get a portrait of the most adored picture of both of you in an animated portrait. It will not only strengthen your bond when you will look at it every morning but will also give assurance about your unending and pure love!
  9. Jinnie Jar: this one is my personal favorite and that is why it is towards the end of the list just before our final option! A Jinnie Jar is basically when you gift your partner a jar full of wishes. So it can be for a day, a week or even a month. They can obtain these wishes by demanding anything they want to do for you and you can’t say no! It can be a risky game so only give your loved ones such an opportunity if you are sure about it and enjoy the wonders!
  10. The Ring: and now we present you the final most obvious yet most valued gift of all times. This one is probably suitable for people who have decided to propose their girlfriends/boyfriends on Valentine’s Day. However, even if you are already married, gifting your wife a ring or even your husband if he likes to wear it would be a great way of showing how your love is still alive and has only been stronger from the time you have been together!