Top 10 Interesting faqs you will love to know about Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Top 10 Interesting faqs you will love to know about Eurovision Song Contest The Story of Fire Saga

Eurovision Song Contesl The Story of Fire Saga is an American movie with a genre of comedy and musical. The movie is based on the reality show Eurovision Song Contest. The movie was initially set to be released in May 2020 but due to the pandemic, it has now been released on 26th of June 2020.

The movie has been distributed by Netflix and is available there. The movie has received mixed reviews by the critics and has been loved by the audience. Most of the time, audience asks some questions related to the movie that helps them understand better. Here are top 10 interesting frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the movie.

  1. When will the film be released?

The movie has been released on 26th of June. Although, the initial date of release was set to be in May 2020 that was alongside of the release of the show Eurovision Song Contest itself but it got delayed due to the global pandemic called Covid-19.

  1. What is the movie based on, actually?

The movie is actually based on a reality show called Eurovision Song Contest. It is a reality show that has been airing every year from the past 64 years. It is a reality show where groups from 56 different countries come together and compete. They are judged by general public votes. Whoever gets the maximum are said to be the winners.

  1. Are the songs used in the movie supposed to be intentionally bad?

This question is very legal. The plot of the movie stars two individuals Lars Erickssong and Sirgit Erickssong. The two individuals are singers but are supposed to be really bad. They are not liked by anyone, including their own parents. They get their big break somehow and make their way to the Eurovision Song Contest. Since they are bad singers, they sing terrible songs with pathetic lyrics. So yes, the songs in the movie are intentionally supposed to be bad for comedy purposes.

  1. Who are starred in the movie?

The movie stars some of the best actors and actresses. The lead role of the male is played by Will Ferrell as Lars Erickssong. The lead female role is played by Rachel McAdams as Sirgit Erickssong. Pierce Brosan plays the role of Erick Erickssong who is the widowed father of Lars Erickssong. Other characters include, Dan Stevens as the singer representing Russia, Melissanthi Mahut as the singer representing Greece, Demi Lovato as the singer of Songvakeppnin, Christopher Jeffers as a rapper who is representing Sweden and a lot more such supporting characters. The cast has been loved by the critics as well as the audience.

  1. What is the soundtrack of the movie?

The soundtrack of the movie is called the Volcano Man. It was released on 15th of May 2020. The song is originally sung by Molly Sanden. The song has ludicrous lyrics and is supposed to be bad although, the song is actually very catchy.

  1. How long is the movie and what is the language of the movie?

The movie is originally made in English language. The running time of the movie is a total of 123 minutes. It was originated in the country United States and is distributed by Netflix.

  1. Will this movie be Will Ferrell’s hit movie?

The movie is said to be made with people who have amazing experience in comedy movies. Although, the plot of the movie is new and has never been seen before, it has been appreciated by the audience. The movie has received positive critics and is said to be a movie with pretty good ratings.

  1. Is the movie related to the actual show or is it a ruse?

It is true that Will Ferrell went to observe the 2018th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. This helped him to better understand the gist of the show. It helped him play the role better. In other words, yes. The movie is related to the actual show. It has the same way to be conducted.

  1. Is the movie emotional?

It is reviewed by many viewers that they possibly have cried at the end of the movie. This indicates that the movie is emotional and there is a good probability that the ending will make you cry as well.

  1. What are the iMDb ratings of the movie?

The movie has been rated to be 6.7 out of 10 as per the iMDb. The movie has received mixed (positive and negative) reviews from the critics.