Top 10 The Best WWE Wrestling News Apps

Top 10 The Best WWE Wrestling News Apps

Wrestling is the kind of sport that is both fun and adventurous. Watching your favorite wrestler getting beaten up, could be heartbreaking. As a fan of WWE, you must have an urge to stay updated with the latest news and gossip that happens between wrestlers. As a wrestling fan, it could be quite hard to have a proper follow up because these aren’t the kind of news that you might get after every hour or two on the TV.

If you are one of the biggest fans of WWE, you would surely know how challenging it could be to stay informed about every single thing happening in the wrestling world. How sad it would be, to not know what Batista is up to, or what Triple H has been planning for his next fight. No matter the age or sex, people are indulged into wrestling and take this as a serious and passionate sport. It’s the kind of sport that could be intimidating and enthusiastic at the same time.

Luckily, we are here to aid you with the best WWE wrestling news apps, that could save your time and be handy. You can now stay connected with the world of wrestling and stay updated with the latest news. Get ready to watch your dream coming true, and being a constant part of WWE by having a keen eye on every new thing happening on the ring and behind the screen. Let’s give the following a read:

1. has to be at the top of the list when it comes to the best WWE wrestling news apps. You can get the most recent updates of the wrestling world here. The app has high-quality content and has been maintaining the same quality since 1998. And the good news is, also has a mobile-friendly version.

The application has various categories of news, for instance, WWE, NJPW, Impact wrestling, latest news about the wrestlers and fights, articles and much more. You can give a thorough read to the articles and quality content on the app, whereas you can share these articles through social media or messengers. The favorite button at the end of every article lets you save the article for later, so if you are in a hurry, just mark it as a favorite and give a read later.

The app has a user-friendly interface, which allows a new user to understand the functioning of the application quite easily. You can keep a track of every new update on wrestling arenas with

2.    WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is a world-famous company that comes along with the app that has introduced immense entertainment for you to cherish. You can now stay updated with news, gossips, careers of wrestlers and everything that is related to wrestling and wrestlers. You can also catch live shows at WWE!

The app has quality content and articles that could lead you to the depth of what’s the wrestling world is all about. Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy the detailed version of this app, you have to go premium. Moreover, WWE isn’t only about an app now, the company has been manufacturing clothes, music, computer games and much more. As a WWE fan, you must know this already.

Well, we would surely recommend this app to the ones who would love to stay updated with the happening news of the wrestling world.

3.    Sportfusion – WWE News Edition

Sportfusion has created an unofficial WWE News Edition, that allows you to choose and go along with the type of news that you like. You can choose sportsmen, events happening in the wrestling world or any other.

You can also become a member of this community, as it would allow you to communicate with the other members and discuss your favorite topics. You can also share your opinions about the events and decisions taking place in the wrestling world. You can read the articles and even save it for later.

You can choose an option and set the shortcut of this app on your home screen for convenience. The three major categories that the app has been divided in, are the newest, major and discussed.

4.    Suplex

Staying updated to the hot news of the wrestling is interested, but how cool it would be to be a part of it? Well, if you are a newbie in the wrestling world, or if your kid is about to start a career in wrestling, then this is the app that would be a lifesaver to you.

Suplex will allow you to keep a track of every wrestling event happening, the events that you have participated in the past, your scores, performance, and your drawbacks against your component – this app is a wrestling journal which is about to make your life easier.

Download this app and stay organized.

5.    All Wrestling – News

Whether you are using Android or iOS, All Wrestling app is available for both – All Wrestling News for Android and Pro Wrestling News App for iOS. The app has a simple and user-friendly user interface that allows you to stay updated with everything happening in the wrestling world.

You can get along with every kind of news, rumors, WWE results, TNA impact wrestling, ROH and much more. You can read the articles based or wrestling news and enjoy an ad-free read.

The app might seem a bit old-fashioned because of the simple and clean interface, but it surely is a useful one.

6.    Wrestling News World

If you are eager to know about the wrestling world, then Wrestling News World is the app that you must download right away. This app doesn’t only update you with what’s happening in WWE, but also about ROH, TNA and New Japan.

Since the application is managed by WWE insiders, there is a good chance that you can get some hot news with accurate sources. Live streaming of the fights is something that excites us the most. You can also have live discussion on Wrestling News World.

7.    ESPN

Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) is an American sports channel that has a professional application that allows you to stay updated with the news related to every sport. You can find new and latest updates about WWE at ESPN. You can stream live fights and scores through this app. There are various articles that you can read about the wrestling topic. The application has a simple interface which makes it quite easier to use.

8.    Feedly – Smarter News Reader

With Feedly, you can catch onto the news and latest updates of the wrestling world in a convenient manner. Though it’s a bit tricky to get started with it, but once you know how it’s going to work, you can find news about any sport easily.

You have to choose hashtags and sources that you would want to follow. As you are done with this, your feed will be personalized accordingly and you can stay updated with the topic and sources that you chose. You can find an article to read, news to watch and everything related to the hashtags that you have added.

9.    eWrestling News

You can now cherish the latest updates and news of the wrestling world by downloading eWrestling News app to your Android smartphone. You can go through different kinds of news, such as recent news, gossips, rumors, and scores.

The social posts that are created by WWE are available for you to give a read. Live videos and podcasts along with the images of wrestlers and divas is what you can enjoy here. The simple interface of the app makes it easier for a newbie to understand how it functions. The four categories of breaking news, news, videos and results make it easier to know where to get in.

The app isn’t available for iOS.

10. Wrestling News

Wrestling News offers news, comments, blogs and some other material related to wrestling. This app is only for Android. It is an RSS reader, with the sources of Lords of Pain, PWInsider, Wrestling Inc. and others. You can click on the source and view it entirely to read the content.

The share button at the corner of the content will allow you to share it on social platforms.


We believe that this article has been a lifesaver to you! You can now monitor the regular updates of WWE by these useful and user-friendly wrestling news apps. Show this sport the same level of enthusiasm that it promotes to the audience. Wrestle up!