Top 10 tips How beginner can survive in PUBG Mobile?

Top 10 tips How beginner can survive in PUBG Mobile

As a gamer, you must surely be aware of the classic battle royale game PUBG! Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most demanding and adored games of teenagers today. The game is available for PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS.

If you are new to this game, you must know that PUBG is all about surviving till the end and making yourself look good with the most kills. The game will start by compelling one hundred players and landing them on various locations in the map. You must collect weapons, ammunition, and equipment that could help you in killing people and saving yourself. The last one or team surviving in the last get Chicken Dinner.

Well, it might seem a bit hard in the beginning, but with the following 10 tips, you can ensure to survive in PUBG mobile. Check out the following and play the game carefully:

1.    Choose where to land

Choosing the location to land at the start of the game can somehow decide whether you are about to survive the game or not. Misjudging your initial point in the game could cost you your life in the game. Check out the map in the time when the game is gathering all the players. You must choose a location that seems to have multiple buildings and spots. Also keep an eye on the map, as it will let you know how many other players are landing there along with you.

2.    Loot first and then get into a combat

As you land on the floor, the focus must be on to get good and powerful weapons. It would be silly to get hold onto a pistol and get into a combat. Make a good loot, collect good weapons, ammunition, helmet, jacket, health kits and then think to get into a fight. Get a good backpack which can hold onto all of your stuff without getting overloaded. The graded jackets, helmet and backpack from level 1 to level 3, categorized the strength and space of the objects. Go for a level 3 helmet, jacket and backpack.

3.    Shoot when you are in range

Do not misfire. The most common cause that could get you killed is to fire even when you aren’t in the range. It would be better to hide rather than attacking with no chance of hitting the target. If you believe that you are in range, open fire and go for newcomers. You can use shotguns and SMGs for up-close burst damage, snipers for long-range and rifles for mid-range.

4.    Keep an eye on the map

The safe area in the map is only withing the circle. Keep an eye on the map and the timer that goes below the map, that tells you the span of time left in the map getting tighter. If you are left outside the circle for a long time, your energy will drain and you will eventually die. The map will also help you to know whether the other players are coming close or not. The footsteps on the map will tell you their location and you can prepare yourself for combat.

5.    Use the vehicles

Instead of running on feet, use the vehicles to reach places fast. You can find multiple vehicles near the large building buildings. You can check out the map to look for a vehicle near your vicinity. The motorcycle and Buggy are fast but it makes you quite visible to the other players. Jeep is a slower vehicle but you will be quite safe.

6.    Hide in the bushes

The safest tactic to survive in PUBG is played safely. Hide and wait for the other players to come across your path. Hiding in the bushes can certainly do wonder. Though bushes do not provide you a hardcover, people cannot figure out your presence once you are hiding in the bushes. You might want to take off the bright costume that you are attired with.

7.    Play safe

We know how every player loves to get as many kills as possible, but you need to survive till the end to get the Chicken Dinner. Your kills wouldn’t make any sense if you die before the game ends. To last till the end, play safe. Choose your battles wisely and do not get into the combats that you think you cannot win.

8.    Communicate with your squad

If you are playing with your squad, do not go on your own. Be together and act as a team. Communicate with your team through mics and let each other know your locations. Stay close and give each other covers when you are about to move in the open. You can use voice chats as well as messages.

9.    Do not hide in the grass

Hiding in the grass might seem smart to you, but it isn’t. You will not be able to see anything beyond a 200m mark. Even though you have 4x or 8x scopes, it would be a waste if you hide in the grass. Find a tree or a wall to get cover. Maybe in the last stage you can opt to hide in the grass, but as you see footsteps in the map approaching towards you, run to get a cover.

10. Boost your health in the last game

Even though you have a full boosted health, it would be considerate to use those energy drinks and painkillers in the last game. Regenerating your health is vital in the end because you can’t afford to lose the game because of your health level dying. Saving them for the end is just not worth it.


As a beginner, you must focus on surviving the game and let go off the number of kills. Get good cover and try to make it till the end. You would love to get the Chicken Dinner. Go and have the cheer ‘WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER!’