Top 10 Upcoming Costumes of Free Fire You Will Love

Top 10 Upcoming Costumes of Free Fire You Will Love

Free Fire is a mobile battle royal game, initially introduced on December 4th, 2017 for Android and iOS. The game is developed and published by Garena Studios.

The plot of the game includes about 50 players landing on an island where they are supposed to collect weapons, supplies, health kits and equipment to kill other players and survive till the end. The only survivor, in the end, will be the winner of the battle royal game.

It is one of the popular battle royal games for mobiles. Before PUBG, Free Fire was the most downloaded game. As the gameplay is incredible, the costumes of the characters make it even more interesting.

We are here with the top 10 upcoming costumes of Free Fire that you will love! Check the following out:

1.    Free Fire Paloma Jacket

With a painful past, Paloma, the Beauty Queen is now known as an arms dealer and the epitome of evil. Along with her sadistic personality she owns a gorgeous attire. Her costume comprises of a leather jacket with a turndown collar and a zipper closure. The black and brown jacket is something exciting for the fans to own.

2.    Free Fire Ford Jacket

Ford, the man from Navy has his own secrets and concerns. The classic navy costume of Ford has been enthusiastic for the fans. The coat that he wears is made of cotton with a viscose lining on the inner side. The lapel collar, buttoned closure and open hem cuffs are the details of his costume. The coat is in the same blue shade.

3.    Free Fire Andrew Vest

With a strong sense of Justice, Andrew the police officer was on his duty of searching for the truth. He wore this incredible costume accompanied by a classic vest, that as a fan, must be intimidating to you. The vest is made of suede leather and a v-shaped collar. The buckled closure makes it look fearless. It is in classic black color with a police patch on the chest.

4.    Free Fire Misha Vest

An extremely talented racer and the one who tackles challenges incredibly, Misha, has been attired with quite a sexy and classy costume in the game. The leather vest that she has been wearing is lined with a viscose lining along with a lapel collar and a zipper closure. The vest is in orange along with two waist flap pockets.

5.    Free Fire Maxim Jacket

An eater for life – with the urge of live streaming, Maxim is one of the favorites of the fans. He is attired with a super classy jacket in the game. The jacket is made of leather and is lined with a viscose lining on the inner side. The round-necked collar of the jacket pairs along with a zipper closure at the front. The rib-knitted cuffs and two side flap pockets give the jacket a fancy look. It is in silver – spooky eh?

6.    Free Fire Kelly Jacket

Kelly, also known as Shimada Kiriko is a high-school sprinter who loves to run. She moves forward of any obstacle and makes her way through. She has been wearing a casual high-school jacket made of fleece. The turndown collar of the jacket Kelly has been attired with, has a front zipper closure and rib knitted cuffs. The two side zipper pockets come handy in keeping stuff close. The yellow-colored jacket makes her carry that casual look.

7.    Free Fire Shimada Hayato Jacket

Shimada Hayato belongs from the Samurai family, who carries the tradition and the curse at the same time. he is ready to give his life to keep the secret that only he knows. He is seen being attired in a brown leather jacket made of genuine leather and a soft viscose lining on the inner side. The erect collar with double belted buckles makes it look fancy and aesthetic. The dim gray color of the jacket is equipped with one pocket on the front.

8.    Free Fire Rafael Coat

The deadly killer Rafael has the goal to bring justice to the world. He is attired with an artistic costume in the game. His coat is made of real leather with a viscose lining on the inner side. The lapel collar of the leather coat is paired along with a buttoned closure. Open hem cuffs, two side pockets and the black color of the coat just tops it all.

9.    Free Fire Laura Vest

An outstanding special agent of Free Fire, with the talent of best shooting, is eager to bring justice to the world. She is attired gorgeously with a black vest and some classy accessories. Her vest is made of leather with a snap tab collar and buckled closure. Her agent ID is attached on the right side of the chest. Her costume is surely loved by the fans.

10. Free Fire A124 Costume

The robot, A124 is made of modern technology. She has two states of mind: one of a normal 18-year-old girl and second is the battle mode. She is designed wearing a robotic coat in silver. The coat is fashioned with a holster and a belt. The fans have fallen in love with this costume of the robot.


We hope that the above-mentioned costumes of Free Fire characters must have enthused you!