Top 10 WWE Shocking Rumors

If you are one of the big fans of wrestling, then you must be interested in everything related to this adventurous sport! Professional wrestling has been enthusiastic and audacious since the beginning. Watching those wrestlers competing with each other in the ring is just what the fans love.

But wrestling isn’t only about these fights in the ring – the rumors are even more interesting. As a fan, you must be eager to know about these shocking rumors that have been roaming in the industry since always. Many of these rumors have been cleared by the superstars, but some of them are still a head scratching news for the fans of WWE.

We are here with top 10 shocking rumors that have been in the history of WWE. Let’s give them a read:

1.    Randy Savage dated teenager Stephanie McMahon

WWE is full of rumors among which the most exciting one at the top of the list, is the rumor of Randy Savage known as Macho Man, dating a 14-year old teenager, Stephanie McMahon. Despite of his tremendous and successful career achievements, he has not been inducted into the Hall of Fame. In addition, the rumor includes that when Vince McMahon was informed about this relationship that Randy and Stephanie had, he exiled him from the company right away, forever.

2.    Lita’s wrestling “casting couch!”

As we all know about Lita, that she had her initial training days in Mexico, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Diva and a strong wrestling star. But, there’s more to her biography that is not available on the internet – it states that the Hall of Fame Dive was giving sexual favor to the ones who agreed on training her for professional wrestling. Well, this rumor might be wrong, but as passionate and eager she was to become a wrestling star, this could be true as well. Furthermore, she then became a benchmark Diva, setting the standards quite high for Divas division.

Lita’s wrestling “casting couch!”

3.    The Montreal Screw Job was fake

There are a bunch of rumors in WWE that have been proved to be wrong. For instance, the one with the Montreal Screw job is surely at the top of the list. The time when Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart and left the company with anger and frustration with the urge of ending the contract for more than a decade. The rumors have been proving this entire incident as a fake one and confronted the audience with the fact that WWE diverged this idea so that the fans could have their fun out of it.

4.    Vince wanted to be US president

It has been true in many cases of WWE wrestlers that they have diverted themselves into politics. The time when Linda McMahon was running for Senate, WWE got to PG. Soon after, Vince McMahon realized that he also wanted a career in politics. The fun part is, WWE ran a channeled storyline, where Vince campaigned for his run as the President. Gladly, this didn’t happen which is surely the best of all, because imagine if Vince would’ve got the position of the President, he would’ve surely made a mess out of it.

5.    Jennifer Aniston dated Rey Mysterio

Here’s a rumor that had made every fan of FRIENDS go crazy. The rumor of Jennifer Anniston and Rey Mysterio being in a relationship! This rumor came out back in the 90s, when Rey Mysterio was a newbie in WCW cruiserweight division and Jennifer Anniston was taking a huge turn of her career in acting. The rumor was published in a leading magazine which was quite strong and intimidating – even when these two didn’t react to it. In the biography of Rey, he had recently published that the rumor was just a rumor and there was no relationship between them.

6.    Daniel Bryan was fired for frightening Triple H-Stephanie’s children

As brutal and adventurous the sport of wrestling is, it can be quite frightening for the kids as well. We all know how Daniel Bryan got fired form WWE NXT, just because he locked his YES lock on Justin Roberts, the announcer, by tying him around his neck. The rumor stated that Daniel Bryan was fired because Triple H and Stephanie’s children got into shock as they saw his move and cried. He was hired back later.

7.    Vince McMahon wanted to buy New Castle United

The rumor had been, that Vince McMahon had the urge to expand his business all over the UK, by buying a Premier League football team – New Castle was the one that he wanted to buy. Just imagine how classic it would’ve been to watch a football team of WWE superstars as football players being in the team of Vince McMahon. Well, this rumor didn’t turn out to be true, which is sad, because if this would’ve come true, Vince McMahon could’ve been made WWE more popular in the UK.

8.    Mark Henry was rumored to break Undertaker’s Streak

It has always been an honor for the one to break Undertaker’s streak. Triple H, Shawn Michael and Edge were not able to break the streak, whereas Mark Henry was the name that the fans rumored for breaking the streak! He was known as the Streak Breaker. In fact, Vince McMahon was the one who embraced this idea as he thought that this would bring Henry’s merchandise to the top of the list. Sadly, this thing turned out to be just a rumor.

Mark Henry was rumored to break Undertaker’s Streak

9.    Undertaker had dated porn-star Jenna Jameson

The rumors of wrestlers dating have always been spicing up the industry of wrestling. The one which popularized the dating relationship of Undertaker and Jenna Jameson has been something that people loved to hear. As popular and know Jenna Jameson was in the porn industry, the book ‘How to make love like a porn star’ has been one of her hits as well – she admitted that she had some links in the wrestling industry. Her association with Undertaker when she was 16 years old was admitted by her.

Undertaker had dated porn-star Jenna Jameson

10. Randy Orton pooped in a Diva’s bag

Back in early days of Randy Orton, Rochelle Loewen was assigned as a top model in WWE. She didn’t last long in WWE, because according to her she was the victim of a wrestler’s fun. The actual thing that she stated was that Randy Orton ruined her belongings with mess and made her bag full of lotions, baby oil and tonics. As she left WWE, she spoke this out in front of the crowd. The funny thing is, the rumor that came out of it, was that Randy Orton made shit in her bag and the fans for fun, turned the baby oil into poop. That’s humiliating, but funny!


Being a fan of wrestling is surely intimidating and enthusiastic. As a fan, these WWE shocking rumors have been a part of your life since the day you started to indulge your interest in wrestling. This adventurous and manly sport has been an ultimate source of our entertainment.