Top 11 Dishes You Will Love TO Cook on this Thanksgiving Dinner

With the joy of Thanksgiving coming, many families are thinking about the time they will spend together playing games, watching football, and of course, enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. For those who are lucky enough to be the one preparing Thanksgiving dinner, you will need to give some ideas as to what you want on your Thanksgiving dinner menu. Here are some Top 10 Dishes You Will Love to Cook On this Thanksgiving Dinner.

Traditional Turkey Dish:

Thanksgiving wouldn’t b complete without Turkey’s dish. Turkey is the most favorite and traditional dish in thanksgiving. Mainly Turkey is prepared whole filled with fruits, vegetables, or other stuffing of filling in it. It also depends on seasoned, which means fill in herbs for flavor and smell. The best-roasted turkeys are juicy and tasty, but roasting a turkey depends on your skill.

Traditional Turkey Dish

Mashed potatoes:

Mashed potatoes are a must along with turkey stuffing and of course, dinner rolls. To add a little something different to your mashed potatoes, try making twice baked potatoes. To do this, you mash the potatoes, place them in a safe container, sprinkle cheese and bacon on top, and bake it at 350 degrees until the cheese turns a nice golden brown. Serve it with sour cream and butter, and you have a perfect dish!

Mashed potatoes

Cranberry Sauce:

Cranberries are small berries that are in the same family as blueberries. They are mainly grown in the Northern Hemisphere of Canada and the United States, and also in Europe.

This cranberry is very popular in the United States and Canada for making cranberry sauce during the holidays of Christmas and Thanksgiving. Usually, the time of year when they are ready to be harvested, and thus they are perfect to go with the turkey dinners during these feasts and celebrations.

Green Bean Casserole

Green Bean Casserole:

A casserole is a stew that’s baked in the oven. Green bean casserole has the cream of mushroom soup, fried onions, and— of course—green beans!

Green Bean Casserole

The dessert:

In many homes, it’s not just the kids who are looking forward to Thanksgiving dessert. To please everyone’s taste, make sure to have a little variety. You should have one fruit pie, a pumpkin pie, and one cream pie along with cookies and brownies. This will ensure that there is something for everyone on yours.

The dessert

Candied Yams:

Creamy potatoes called yams. The mild flavor and soft texture of these potatoes make them a versatile and side dish for the main course. People like it so much, especially in thanksgiving dinner. You can bake it, make a casserole with them or mash them like regular potatoes, and if you like to eat some spice then make it spice, you can also place a marshmallow on the top. It gives you a delicious taste that might remind you of candy.

Candied Yams


While you are cooking the turkey (or any other meats), this is the necessary thing you want with your dishes because it will create juices and make the dish more malicious. This sauce is mainly served onto the mashed potatoes to give them more flavors.


Corn Bread:

Bread rolls are also one of the important things in the Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes, these rolls are cornbread, which made with cornmeal, a powder of dried and grounded corn.

Corn is also served in other ways in thanksgiving dinner. You may eat corn on the cob, which is grilled whole corn or creamed topped corn, which is mashed corn sauce or soup.


This is also a delicious dish, especially at thanksgiving party. Probably you are a pecan pie person. Or perhaps pumpkin is your favorite.  Each slice is tasty especially when you eat it with whipped cream or if you want to change the taste, so try this with ice cream.




Stuff means that you fill something. Thanksgiving stuffing is also known as dressing the food, that you add some ingredients inside the roasted turkey. Mostly the dressing is made of herbs and bread, and sometimes you add sausage like a kind of hot dog.



Ham is a slice of pork taken from a leg that has been preserved by dry curing or wet, with or without giving smoke. Mainly people made this in thanksgiving parties. This ham is flavorful, textured, and moist requires little effort to do well. It served with brown sugar or bathed it in cola, preferably both.


So, I think it makes you help in preparing food for the Thanksgiving occasion. It’s Thanksgiving Day! Your kitchen is clean, and the table is set. You’re a relaxed, stress-free host! All you have to do now is put your dishes in the oven and then enjoy spending the day with your guests! Happy Thanksgiving!