Top 20 Frequently Ask Question For This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and there are dozens of questions that might cross your mind when you start thinking about it. Whether you are in a relationship, married, single or deeply committed to your friends and family, Valentine’s is a day that is significant for all of us. Hence, we have come up with a list of top 2 FAQs related to Valentine’s Day that might have crossed your mind, so just go through this list and find out answers to the questions that have bothered you!

  1. What is the history of Valentine’s Day?

This one is on top because people are generally curious about how it all began with almost everything and so there is no point in not asking the same question for this special day. Well, the history of Valentine’s Day could be traced back to the third century when the Emperor of Rome, Claudius II abandoned marriages for young men as he thought that they tend to perform well when they are single. However, not everyone liked this idea and so one of the saints of that time, who is also known as Saint Valentine started to marry people in secret for which he was put into jail and executed by the emperor. That saint Valentine is thought to be the reason why we celebrate this day even after several centuries have passed by!

  1. Was there just one specific Saint Valentine?

Well, this question could be asked by those of you who know a bit about the history (which you all do if you have read the above answer). The answer is “maybe” since the history of Valentine’s Day dates all the way back to the 3rd century, it is difficult to be certain about anything. We do know that there was a saint who secretly married people and the fact that when he was in prison he used to write letters to his lover but were they the same Valentine or was there more than one person after whom this day is remembered is still a mystery.

  1. How did it become a Festival then?

The reason why this question is valid is that it has a background that some of you might be aware of. The rationale behind making 14th February the day of love was also to Christianise the pagan festival of Lupercalia which was extremely sexist and abusive in nature, although it had no connections with love but more so to fertility and health due to which they would sacrifice animal and then use it to hitwoman who would gladly take that beating because it was thought that it will help them in getting fertile!

  1. What is the actual purpose behind this day?

The purpose of Valentine’s Day is to celebrate love! That is literally it. Anything beyond that definition is just a specific part of it, for example, couple’s love is a part of it but it could be the name of any sort of love, even if it is for your pet, you can celebrate it. It is the expression that counts!

  1. Is there something like Valentine’s Week?

If you are not so expressive about love but are trying to do so, you might be searching for an answer to this question. Well, the answer is Yes! Just giving one day out of the whole year for love didn’t seem to be justified. We all need more time to spend with each other and we all need to be more affectionate with people who deeply care about us. Hence, there is now a whole week right before Valentine’s Day to celebrate the emotion of love in all its capacity and to have enough memories to hold on to so that it can remind you of how much your partner loves you for the whole year!

  1. What is Valentine’s Week?

Those of you who are interested in expanding their love from just one day would be interested in this question. Valentine’s week starts from 7th Feb and goes on till 13th Feb just before Valentine’s Day itself. The whole week has different days with different names for people to build up the love and emotions so that they are completely hyped up for the ultimate day!

  1. What does each day of the week is called?

For those of you who have finally decided to celebrate the whole week, here are all the days with a name so that you can be prepared:

07th February: Rose Day

08th February: Propose Day

09th February: Chocolate Day

10th February: Teddy Day

11th February: Promise Day

12th February: Hug Day

13th February: Kiss Day

  1. Should I propose my crush on propose day or Valentine’s day?

If you have already been celebrating all these days before, and you are planning to propose your crush this February, this question is valid. Well, it really depends on your crush. If he/she is also interested in celebrating all these days and to do what is needed every day, the propose day is a better option. However, if you know that they just like to celebrate Valentine’s Day and that the whole week seems like a drag to them, maybe it’s better to just stick with 14th February for the ultimate proposal!

  1. Is it necessary to gift a teddy on a teddy day?

For those of you out there who will be celebrating the whole week for the first time, this might be a question in mind! The answer is No! you do not need to gift a teddy on teddy day. Most of the people don’t even like teddies that much. Well, the concept is to give a stuffed toy at least because that will remind your partner of the lovely childhood days and so they will feel all the emotions which most of us have repressed in this busy lifestyle! So, it can be a tweety, a pooh, a penguin or even a sweet monkey, just keep in mind what your partner likes the most!

  1. What should I do on Valentine’s if I am single?

Obviously, not all of us have lovers, and some of us can’t even afford to be in a relationship at this stage of our lives, but we can still take some time out on this one day for ourselves, so this is probably one of the most significant questions. However, I have already kind of answered it; take out time for yourself! If you are an extrovert, someone who is always surrounded by people, maybe this Valentine’s Day, take a day off from work and enjoy the solitude by being home alone. Or if you are an introvert, maybe explore the city a bit more and try new places with close friends or even on your own!

  1. What should I do on Valentine’s if my girlfriend doesn’t like a red rose?

While most of us love red roses, there are a few of us who don’t appreciate the traditional way and if your girlfriend is one of those, you probably might feel the pressure. However, it is a nice way to explore new things. There might be a possibility