Easy Steps To Make Your Own Top Boy Season 3 Jamie Outfit Quickly

Top Boy Season 3

The crime drama series, Top Boy, has been one of the top directed series by Netflix. As season 3 has been quite awaited, the character of Jamie, played by Michael Ward has been introduced. Jamie has been spotted wearing the most elegant apparel in the show that classifies his dominant personality in a vibrant manner. If you are one of the biggest fans of Jamie from Season 03 of Top Boy, then this is what you must give a read. The costume of Jamie is available right here for you to grab on. Check onto the details of Jamie outfit:

Top Boy Season 03 Jamie Jacket

Top Boy Season 03 Jamie Jacket

Get your hands on the classic parachute jacket that Jamie has been attired within Season 03, Tom Boy. The jacket is made of parachute and cotton, which makes it comfortable and stylish. It has a front zipper closure along with an attached hood. The two waist pockets of the jacket can hold onto your valuables. The sleeves are fashioned with open hem cuffs. Get it in black and blue.

Top Boy Season 03 Hoodie

Top Boy Season 03 Hoodie

The hoodie is made of cotton and polyester. The material of the hoodie ensures comfort along with style. The black-colored hoodie fulfills the classic standard of elegant apparel. The attached hood gives you the look of Jamie that he has been carrying in Top Boy. The hoodie has a front zipper closure. The full sleeves are fashioned with rib knitted cuffs. You can hold your valuables in the two waist pockets. The hoodie has a text imprinted on the back, that says, “Best Dad Ever”.

Top Boy Season 03 T-shirt

Top Boy Season 03 T-shirt (Product Page)

The black t-shirt to wear underneath the jacket is available now. The t-shirt is made of 90% pre-shrunk cotton and polyester. The shirt has around the neck with a shirt closure. The material of the t-shirt is super-soft and durable. Grab it now to imitate the exact look that Jamie has been carrying in the season 03 of Top Boy. You can, later on, use this t-shirt for casual purposes as well.

Top Boy Season 03 Jean

Top Boy Season 03 Jean (Product Page)

The black jean to match along with your outfit is made of 100% cotton. You can now cherish the entire look of Jamie from Tom Boy, by grabbing this pair of jeans, with a zipper closure and a relaxed fit. The five-pocket relaxed jean will give you a perfect fit. The jean is built to last and is available in black. The material of the jean gives the denim look and a perfect reflection of the personality of Jamie from Top Boy.

Top Boy Season 03 Wig

Top Boy Season 03 Wig (Product Page)

To replicate the look of any character, the hairstyle matters the most. You can now get your hands on the Afro wig that Jamie has been attired with in Season 03. The wig is made of 100% high-quality human hair. The wig accomplishes in giving a natural look and texture. It is light-weighted and easy to be worn. The wig comes along with a transparent full skin lace base with an invisible hairline.

Top Boy Season 03 Ghost Bond


Top Boy Season 03 Ghost Bond (Product Page)

The Ghost Bond is a light hold replacement glue which is formulated to hold onto the hair. It is completely safe to be used and has no side effects. It is recommended for those who have oily scalps. The glue is waterproof and doesn’t come off due to natural oils. People with sensitive scalps can easily use this, as it is safe. It has no latex and is toxic-free.

Top Boy Season 03 Hair Spray

Top Boy Season 03 Hair Spray (Product Page)

The hair spray will distribute water evenly on your hair and will saturate them mildly. The spray produces steam of sustained mist. The bottle has a secure closure which ensures no leakage. The 99% bottle evacuation keeps spraying the water until the water is totally gone. Grab it right away to set your hair with the perfect steam.

Top Boy Season 03 Shoes

Top Boy Season 03 Shoes (Product Page)

The shoes that Jamie has been spotted with are made of 100% leather and synthetic. The synthetic sole of the shoes ensures comfortable wear. The slim on closure with a memory foam insole ensures a perfect fit along with comfort and style. Grab it now!

So, what are you waiting for? As Halloween is just around the corner, go with the outfit that could make you replicate your favorite character’s personality. Later on, cherish the look for any casual day.