Top Thanksgiving Dinner Games Ideas you loved

Top Thanksgiving Dinner Games Ideas you loved

As ritual the dinner of Thanksgiving is, wouldn’t it be amazing to add a bit of fun to the night? Thanksgiving is all about the time dedicated to family and friends, good meal and unlimited fun. So, instead of watching the football match after dinner and spending the entire evening on smartphones, let’s try something different this year. Put aside your smartphones, bring in some paper, pens, colors, and accessories that could make the evening memorable. This Thanksgiving, sit among your friends and family and play games that could make you laugh a bit louder, may even make you cry with laughter!

We have listed the top Thanksgiving dinner games idea that you will love to play with kids and adults, both. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get the fun started. Check the following games and play it up!

1.    Game of Gratitude

As Thanksgiving is all about thanks for the blessings that we have been blessed with, what could be a better game than the game of gratitude? Let everyone grab a pen and a piece of paper, and let them list out the things that they are thankful for. It can be either, the person that they are thankful for, or the food or the thing. Let them know how blessed they are.

Game of Gratitude

2.    Pinup the feather on Turkey

Thanksgiving is revolving around the big juicy turkey that has been prepared with love and affection. Let the game involve the ritual of Turkey. You can craft your turkey and make some feathers with colorful chart papers. Arrange them down on the table. Let the kids stay busy for a while, as they pin up the feathers on the turkey and get it ready for Thanksgiving.

Pinup the feather on Turkey

3.    Pictionary

Pictionary is a must to play on Thanksgiving. And the most exciting thing about this game is, that it isn’t only for kids. It’s a game for all! So, write different objects, movie names, TV series titles or anything on pieces of paper, fold it and keep it in a bowl. Let the people divide themselves into two teams. Every member will pick up a chit and let them team guess what it is. It will be fun!

Pictionary Thanksgiving Game

4.    Thanksgiving Memory Game

Every Thanksgiving ends up with a lot of memories to carry along. After the big meal of Thanksgiving, while having dessert, you all can play the Thanksgiving memory game on the dinner table. Recall the best thing that happened on the last Thanksgiving dinners and share it with all your friends and family. Maybe a memory can become a ritual memory for Thanksgiving, just like Chandler’s from Friends! Could I be any funnier?

5.    Mini Pumpkin Hunt

For a fun game, you can play Mini Pumpkin Hunt with the kids. As busy and hectic the preparations of Thanksgiving dinner can be, as the dinner ends it would be relaxing if the kids stay occupied playing games. All you have to do, is get some mini pumpkins ready and hide them in different places in your home. As you relax after dinner, let all the kids get busy in Mini Pumpkin Hunt. They would love it!

Mini Pumpkin Hunt

6.    Thankful Alphabet Game

Adults usually prefer to sit back in their chairs as they get done with Thanksgiving dinner. As fun and legitimate game for Thanksgiving, you can play Thankful Alphabet Game. Kids can be a part of this as well. How does the game works? Well, just start with the person sitting in the middle, let them come up with something that they are thankful for which starts with letter A. As they come up with something, the next person could mention something they’re thankful for which starts with the letter B. And so it does go on and on. This way, you can realize how blessed you are!

Thankful Alphabet Game

7.    Turkey Waddle

Let the Thanksgiving fun get started! Get your kids and family out in the garden, and play Turkey Waddle on Thanksgiving! All you have to get is a bunch of balloons. Fill them with air and hold them between your legs before starting a race. Let’s see who reaches the finishing point first with a balloon between their legs. This would be a fun game that could involve kids and adults to cherish a memorable outdoor time.

Turkey Waddle

8.    The Photography Game

Who wouldn’t love to have photographs of their family and relatives on Thanksgiving? The Photography game gives you a relevant chance of getting the moments of Thanksgiving captured with fun and excitement. Let the kids be in charge of the camera. They’ll give you some clues about the relatives or family members that are invited at your home, you have to get the clues and click their picture asking them for a pose or a big smile. This game will let you cherish the happy memories of Thanksgiving forever!

Make this Thanksgiving a day to be thankful for later. Thanksgiving Dinner games will make you cherish the moments with your loved ones. Forget about the worries and concerns that poke you every now and then, because this is your family time. Happy Thanksgiving!

The Photography Game