The Classic Cowboy Guide To The Woody Costume

Your father will tell you about Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other members of the famous Mouse and Duck family. What about you? What will you tell your children? Well, here is a suggestion – Sheriff Woody Pride. Among the many movies that Disney has released over the decades, Toy Story was one of its biggest successes. Together with the voices of some of the biggest names in Hollywood today, Toy Story immediately broke records and made adults get more excited than the kids with the release of each sequel. It is one of the best ever movies of the Disney dominated reign.

Woody is no doubt a loving and household name in animated films. He and his sense of leadership to take his toy friends on an adventure amidst the problems and difficulties of Andy growing up made him a huge favorite with the kids and parents. The Woody costume, whether cosplay or DIY, is highly preferred for any Halloween or costume birthday party. With knowing how easily the costume for kids is available on sale, the parents are always lacking that exact portrayal of the character for their costume. Not worry, as we have listed what you need for the basic items of Woody’s look.

Woody Hat

Woody Hat (Product Page)

One of his signature accessories that Woody can’t do without is his famous hat. The product is the official representation of his famous cowboy hat that can easily be fitted on the head comfortably.

Woody shirt

Long Sleeve Twill Shirt (Product Page)

While Woody has a yellow and red striped shirt, the adults can make use of this great replacement that is sure to provide the perfect outlook. The option to choose is the yellow color while ordering it.

Woody Vest

Cow Open Vest (Product Page)

Like every cowboy of the West, having a vest is necessary. Woody wears the stylish cow printed vest as part of his look and it has stuck with him ever since. Now it is your turn to don the front open style vest.

Golden Cowboy Buckle

Golden Cowboy Buckle (Product Page)

While the kids get theirs ready with the entire set, the adults don’t get that luxury. Unfortunately, they have to go out and buy a separate sheriff cowboy buckle to use on the bet below.

Cowboy Jean

Cowboy Jean (Product Page)

Of course, cowboy jeans will always be the preferred choice for the DIY Woody costume. This is seamless to even help the boots fit you firmly.

Cowboy Leather Straps

Cowboy Leather Straps (Product Page)

If you have noticed in cowboy or Western movies, these straps are always on the good guy’s boots. Moreover, while being a sheriff, Woody has to wear it as part of his super cool outfit.

Red Bandana

Red Bandana (Product Page)

This red bandana may not be noticeable in his dressing but after watching the new trailer of Toy Story 4, you will clearly see that it has been there all along and this is why you need to buy it.

Woody Holster

Woody Holster (Product Page)

No Sheriff is complete without his holster and gun. With Woody not having a gun, his holster was left empty. In order to obtain the icing on the cake for your Woody adult costume, it is important to purchase this holster.

Brown Belt

Brown Belt (Product Page)

As stated above, you need to add the sheriff buckle somewhere and what better item to put it on than a contrasting belt. Many people go wrong with this item but we gave you an ideal piece to order.

Cowboy boots

Cowboy Boots (Product Page)

Last and not least, the boots that every cowboy and sheriff needs. These are comfortable to wear them throughout the time of you portraying Woody.

This could be the last time we see Woody on the big screen and the rumors look to aim towards the picture that was released to tease the trailer. The Woody costume can be a great way to pay homage to the gigantic character that made this series so famous. Check our website for more Disney costumes of adults.