Get Your Creepy And Classy Look With This Two-Face Costume

Harvey Dent Two-Face Costume

Harvey Dent became a Two Face gloomy character due to an acidic detonation led by Joker in one of the cold-room garrisons out in the reserves of Gotham City. So yes, this humane like Batman foil is the cleverest chance to wrap up cosplays with winning notions. Having no difficulty to clad up a half-burnt face with a mask and wearing an office suit will leave you boarding on a win-win suit situation. This Dark Knight Two-Face Costume is going to give you all those past guilt chill of Harvey. A man with his coin charm that was left blackened as well from its one side, making it decision making souvenir at all routine-to-dire times.

His beloved was left dead for good while police chased up for his safety, Harvey turned out to become an adverse enemy of both his friendly mates James Gordon and Batman. So, this could be one of the reasons people like to commemorate his character at cosplay occasions.

Profile up your personality like Harvey Dent with this exclusively assembled Dark Knight Two-Face costume suit DIY. Simply follow the following steps to do so.

Harvey Dent Two-Face Mask

Two-Face Mask (Product Page)

Harvey Dent Two-Face Suit

Two-Face Suit (Product Page)

Harvey Dent Two-Face Shoes

Two-Face Shoes (Product Page)

Harvey Dent Two-Face Coin

Two-Face Coin (Product Page)

Harvey Dent Two-Face Gun

Two-Face Gun (Product Page)

Two-Face Makeup Tutorial

Harvey Dent Two-Face Adult Costume

Two-Face Adult Costume (Product Page)

Harvey Dent Two-Face Kids Costume

Two-Face Kids Costume (Product Page)

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