What could be a very cool valentine’s day gift for my girlfriend that doesn’t cost me much money either?

Valentine’s Day Gift For My Girlfriend

Valentine’s Day is the day of love, it doesn’t have to be expensive. This day has to be all about sharing your feelings with the one you love. Do not get burdened with the worry of getting an expensive gift for the one you love; they don’t need an overpriced gift – they need your love! We are here with a bunch of options that you can go along with to get your girlfriend a cool gift for Valentine’s Day at a reasonable price. These gifts won’t cost you much money! Let’s go through the list and see what we can get to surprise the love of our life! Check these out:

1.    Custom Pillow

Your girlfriend would love to get a comfy pillow with a customized picture or text imprinted over it. You can go with a picture imprinted on the pillow, the one’s that her favorite, or you can get an imprinted text over it that says ‘I love you to the moon and back!’. Be creative and get this customized pillow for her. This would cost you about $20 only.

2.    Personalized keychain

A personalized keychain can be the smartest Valentine’s Day that you can get for your girlfriend. This would cost you much but would make a cool Valentine’s Day. Get it in leather with the text saying ‘I love you’ or ‘You’re my person’ imprinted on it. She will have it close to her and it will make her think about you every time she opens the door to her house. This wouldn’t cost you more than $20.

3.    Puff slippers

Girls love to get comfy and comfortable slippers. You can choose a pair of puff slippers for her as a gift for Valentine’s Day. She can stay cozy in bed all day long and get into these puff slippers to grab onto the snacks that she ordered. You can go for some cute and spongy slippers as well. And don’t you worry, this wouldn’t cost any more than $10.

4.    Monogram Jewelry Box

As crazy girls are for jewelry, they love to own cute and customized jewelry boxes as well. For this Valentine’s Day, you can get your girlfriend a monogram jewelry box that she can place on her dresser with love. This could be the sweetest gift at the most reasonable cost. You can find a Lyra monogram trinket dish with a customized necklace in it, for about $14.

5.    Decorative candles

Grab onto some sweet-scented decorative candles that she can place it on her nightstand. Candles can speak for the love that you hold for her. Let her know how much she means to you, by getting her cute and decorative candles that she can cherish for a long time.

6.    ‘Jane Eyre’

Get her the most romantic love story for this Valentine’s Day. Jane Eyre is certainly one of the strongest love stories that you can read. Let her absorb the feelings that this book has been focusing on and realize how blessed you both are to find each other.

7.    Custom Letter Necklace

For this Valentine’s Day, you can get your girlfriend a special custom letter necklace that she can adore forever. Get the initials of her name carved into the pendant and let her wear it every day. She can think about you every time she looks at the mirror or realizes that she is wearing a subtle piece of jewelry. This necklace would cost you only $30.

8.    Star Map Print

To get something romantic and meaningful for your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day, you can go with a ‘How the sky looked on the day we met’ star map print. All you have to do is enter the date of the day that you would want to get the imprint of the sky and get it delivered to ger place. This would make her smile the widest with a drop of tear in her eye. This would only cost you about $12 but it looks like an expensive one.

9.    Customized Phone Case

Get a colorful and bright customized phone case for your girlfriend as the coolest gift for this Valentine’s Day. She would love to show off the vibrant colors of the phone case to the world. You can get a customized imprint of her picture at the back of the phone case as well. You can get this done for $20.

10. Cute eye mask

She would certainly love to have a cute and fluffy eye mask as her Valentine’s Day gift. You can get this eye mask for $13 and make her cherish her good night’s sleep with comfort and coziness. She deserves to have a good night’s sleep and this fluffy eye mask will ensure it.


Let Valentine’s Day be all about love. Spend a romantic night with your girlfriend and surprise her with a very cool Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t cost you much money either. Happy Valentine’s Day!