What can I gift my wife on valentine’s day?

What can I gift my wife on valentine’s day

If you’re married then you must know how important Valentine’s Day is. This day is all about remembering the stuff that pleases the other one. As a husband, you must remember this day just as you are obliged to remember the dates of anniversaries and birthdays! Your wife makes a lot of effort to brighten up your life with good food, clean house and running out errands – she deserves something special and comforting on this day! Make your Valentine’s Day memorable and romantic by getting your wife something that could make her smile the widest. We are here with a list of stuff that you can get your wife on Valentine’s Day:

1.    An adorable mug

Be the reason behind her smile as she starts her day with a cup of coffee. Get her an adorable mug with a printed message such as, ‘I like your smile’ or ‘To the best wife in the world’.

2.    Sexy lingerie

Get her something that could benefit you indirectly. For this Valentine’s Day, get her sexy lingerie, with some classic combination of silk and laces. You can check out the Valentine’s Day collection of Victoria Secret and choose something that you like. Take her out for Valentine’s Day dinner and later for the dessert, come back home and have some fun with the love of your wife.

3.    Handwriting bracelet

Women love jewelry. You can surprise your wife with an actual handwritten bracelet, that actually tells her how much you love her. You surely would’ve shared ‘I love you’ a thousand times, but this would be something precious. Get her this bracelet in gold, with the text that tells her that all your love is for her.

4.    Wooden picture frame

Choose one of your favorite couple pictures and get it framed on a wooden frame, which comes along with some romantic and cheesy tag line. You can customize this frame so that she can place it on her nightstand, or get it large enough to hang it up on the wall. She would love to watch it every time she walks by the hallway.

5.    Bath salts

You know how much effort your wife puts in to make your house a home. Get her some adorable and refreshing bath salts, that could make her calm and fresh as she takes a long and warm bath. You can plan a night out with the kids and let your wife relax for a good couple of hours. She deserves some rest.

6.    Cute keychain

Believe us or not, women love cute stuff. You can pick up a cute and sweet keychain, that says ‘You’re my favorite person’ or ‘I love you wifey’ and gift it to your wife on this Valentine’s Day. This is surely one of the best gifts for her, as she can keep it close to her and remember your love for her as she opens the door to the house, get in the car or unlocks her wardrobe.

7.    Weighted blanket

You know how much she loves to hug you. Get her a warm and weighted blanket that she could use whenever you’re away. She could use this weighted blanket to feel the warmest hug from you. Let her be wrapped in this cozy blanket and watch her favorite movie while resting beside you.

8.    Conversational Heart Soap

This could be one of the cutest Valentine’s Day gift that you can get for your wife. Get a jar of conversational heart soaps, with phrases such as ‘Kiss me’ or ‘Miss you’ embossed over it. Try to go for colorful soaps.

9.    Chocolate Truffles

What else could take you straight to her favorites list, other than a box of chocolate truffles? Get her the big box of 24 chocolate truffles with variations of topping and chocolate mix – and watch your wife getting happy!

10. A-Frame of Vows

The vows that you made on the day of your wedding, means a lot to her! She can never forget what you told her whilst standing on the aisle. Act smart and get those vows imprinted on a picture frame that you can hang it right in front of her sight. Let her feel the love that you share every day by looking at it as she walks past it.

11. Monogram Cosmetics Case

Cosmetics and women – the strongest combo that you can ever get. Get her a customized monogram cosmetics case that she can take along for the girls’ trip that she’s planning the next month. Let her have some alone time, with her girlfriends. She’s obviously going to take her cosmetics along, so get her this gorgeous case and let her flaunt it!

12. Oversized sweater

She obviously loves to borrow your sweaters, right? Well, get her an oversized cashmere sweater so that she can stop stealing yours. Get her one in a cute and girly color so that she can make herself comfortable and warm.

13. Apple Watch Series 5

Let her feel special with this perfect Apple Watch Series 5. She would love to keep a track of her health with this great piece of tech.

14. Gold Pearl Hoop Earrings

Take her out on a date and surprise her with these gorgeous gold pearl hoop earrings. She can pair these up with her casual and formal attires. She will love these!

15. Spa voucher

Give her a day off. Get her a spa voucher and book her an entire day at the spa. She would love to have some time on her own. Let her feel fresh with a long and warm steam bath, massage, facial, foot massage and maybe a new haircut.


Let this Valentine’s Day be a romantic one for your wife. She deserves to have a special romantic night with the love of her life. Surprise her with some classic chocolates, gorgeous flowers, and a cherishing gift! Happy Valentine’s Day!