What is the history behind black lives matter?

What is the history behind black lives matter

Black Lives Matter– an international human rights movement originated from African-American community that speaks against violence, police brutality and racial profiling towards black people. The Black Lives Matter movement aims to speak for justice. Black lives are as important as White lives and thus, they need to be noticed.

Currently, the movement has been focusing on the brutal death of George Floyd, a 45-year-old black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The incident included four white police officers who allegedly killed George Floyd. The movement is in headlines whilst protesting and demanding justice for George Floyd.

George Floyd

On 25th of May, 2020, George Floyd was arrested for using a counterfeit bill. White police officer named Derik Chauvin knelt on George Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes in the street, as he was handcuffed and faced down on the road. He was repeatedly begging for his life by saying ‘I can’t breathe’, but the officer didn’t care to listen. The other two police officers further restrained George Floyd and the fourth police officer ensured that none from the public could interfere in the matter.

George Floyd was helpless and motionless for the last three minutes of his life. He wasn’t able to breathe and had no pulse. Derik Chauvin didn’t remove his knee from George Floyd’s neck until he was told by the medics and he ignored the helpless look of Floyd’s face as well. The brutal death of George Floyd makes us believe that there is no humanity left in this world. All the four officers were fired the next day.

People in the US have been protesting for George Floyd’s brutal murder with the Black Lives Matter movement that has been focusing on violence towards black people. More than 75 cities in the US have been protesting against police brutality. Black Lives Matter is all about bringing justice to black people in the world where they are being continuously disowned and disgraced. Lives matter, whether it be black or white. The protests have been ensuring the loved ones of Floyd that justice will be made and none of these incidents will happen again.

George Floyd can't breathe

Well, this is not the first time that we have noticed racial profiling. Back in 2014, Eric Garner, a black man was also killed brutally for illicitly selling cigarettes. He repeated the same words, ‘I can’t breathe’, but the New York City police officer didn’t listen him which caused a fatal chokehold.

The movement Black Lives Matter came back into news on 25th of May, 2020 to highlight the brutal death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. May George Floyd get justice and we never witness such an incident again in the future. The movement of Black Lives Matter has protested against several number of deaths of African Americans by White police officers. The Black Lives Matter movement has no formal hierarchy and is a decentralized network. The movement got involved in 2016 United States Presidential elections as well, and since then they have expanded their network over several countries.

Despite of the crime of counterfeit bills that George Floyd made, none of the police officers had the right to kill him with this brutality. Laws are made to justify and comply the outcomes of a crime. It should be left to the law to decide what punishment the criminal deserves. Every life matter and none of the them deserve to be killed brutally in the streets. Lives matter. Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter