What to wear on a cold Valentine’s Day Dinner Date?

What to wear on a cold Valentine’s Day Dinner Date

Just because it’s cold, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on the look for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. As Valentine’s Day is supposed to be celebrated cherishing moments with your other half, you deserve to carry a charming and elegant look. This night isn’t like other date nights, it’s quite big! Valentine’s Day is something more serious – everything has to go perfectly! Your outfit, footwear, accessory, and makeup must be on point! Since it’s quite cold out there, midi dresses or maxi dresses wouldn’t be enough; layering is essential! But don’t worry, you can still manage to look gorgeous on your Valentine’s Day dinner date. Check out the following tips on what to wear on a cold Valentine’s Day dinner date and dress up in style for your other half:

1. Midi Dress, Puffer Jacket, and High Boots

You can’t miss wearing a midi dress for Valentine’s Day, can you? But as it’s so freezing cold out there, how will you even survive? Well, a puffer jacket would make it possible for you! Style up your look with a soft colored puffer jacket over your gorgeous floral midi dress. Complete your charming look with black high boots and feel beautiful! You can go along with pearl earrings and oversized sunglasses to impress your man on Valentine’s Day dinner date. This is surely the look that you must give a try for this Valentine’s Day.

2. Fuzzy Sweater, Sweatpants, and Sneakers

If you are married, then Valentine’s Day is more of a comforting day than being romantic and charismatic. Feel the honor of being yourself on Valentine’s Day dinner date. Go for a fuzzy sweater in pink, match it along with loose sweatpants and sneakers. Tuck in the sweater and get those fancy shades as well. Ah, this feels amazing! Be yourself and let this date be a therapy of relaxation for you and your partner. Go out for a casual dinner and spend time talking to each other! Let this day be filled with love.

3. Jumpsuit, Turtleneck, and Booties

Get your hands on the classiest outfit of winters – a jumpsuit! For your Valentine’s Day dinner date try out matching your jumpsuit with a turtleneck and booties. Go for a subtle color such as brown or beige, along with a dark-colored turtleneck such as red or maroon. Oh boy, he will love to see you walking down the staircase! You can totally pull-off this gorgeous outfit for your dinner date. Don’t let winters stop you from being stunning and elegant. Get a crossbody bag and maybe some classy shades as well.

4. Cozy Sweater, Pants, and Beanie

Being yourself on a date is surely as important as being gorgeous. For a cold Valentine’s Day dinner date, go with a cozy and comfortable sweater, with a baggy look. Pair it along with black pants and booties. Add a puffy beanie to your look and cherish a cute look for your date. Being comfortable on your date will bring out the best of your personality. Your man would love to see you being yourself on the date. Let him know how special he makes you feel.

5. Faux Leather Coat, Shoulder Down Shirt and Pants

Faux fur coats can transform the look that you may carry to your dinner date. Dress up in a shoulder down shirt along with blue jeans and throw on an elegant faux leather coat to accessorize your look. Match this outfit with boots and a handbag. Leave your hair open and go out in style. Let him take off your coat as he offers you to settle down. Be charming and let him know how lucky he is to have you in his life. You can now whip out your shoulders loudly and feel beautiful!

6. Knitted Dress, Knee High Boots and a Crossbody Bag

A knitted dress is all that you need to get for your Valentine’s Day dinner date. Get yourself an elegant light blue or baby pink knitted dress along with black knee-high boots. Leave your hair open and let them flaunt your personality. Accessorize your look with a cute crossbody bag and gold accessories. This is the look which will make him fall in love with you even more. Let this Valentine’s Day be the most memorable one, for both of you!


Let this Valentine’s Day dinner date be all about love! Dress up in style for your man and make him feel loved. Let him get you roses, gifts, and packs of chocolates, whereas you just dress up in a charming way for him. Make him appreciate the effort that you’ve put in to get all dressed up for him. Be sexy! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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