What to Wear to the Office Christmas Party?

What to Wear to the Office Christmas Party

Christmas is just around the corner, so get ready to attend a bunch of Christmas parties at your friends and even at your workplace. Office Christmas parties are kind of an important deal for your corporate life. Meeting your colleagues outbound from the office, personally, can be tricky but fun as well.

Well, first things first. Decide your outfit for the party. You can’t compromise on your look for the office Christmas party, because you wouldn’t want to look too casual or even too extra at the party. You have to maintain that professional look, but loosen it a bit because hello, it’s a party!

How to Decide the Office Party Dress?

Dressing up for an office Christmas party can be tricky, but here are a couple of things that will help you out in deciding what to wear.

1.    Confirm the Dress Code

First, confirm the dress code for the party. You wouldn’t want to look like the odd one out, would you? Well, just go through the official party notice or email and confirm the dress code before picking out the dress.

Confirm the Dress Code

2.    Keep the Cleavage Low

Next, keep the cleavage low. We know that it’s a party, but it’s your “Office Party”. Don’t pick out anything like deep V-necks or something that tightens your upper body. Dress up good and leave those dresses for night outs with your girlfriends.

Keep the Cleavage Low

3.    Don’t Pick Out Something Extra Short

If you are thinking to wear a skirt or short dress for the party, keep the length up to your thighs and just an inch above your knees. Don’t wear something that can make you feel uncomfortable around your juniors or colleagues.

Don’t Pick Out Something Extra Short

4.    Wear Heels and Stand Tall

Take out your sleek heel pumps and match them up with your dress for an upright posture at the party. Choose sparkles, velvet, or anything – extraordinary shoes are acceptable.

Wear Heels and Stand Tall

What to Wear to the Office Christmas Party?

After reading the above-mentioned key rules of deciding a dress to wear to an office party, now here are a few suggestions that will make you look professional but also classy for the night out. Though it’s an office party, it’s a party, right? So, look classy, put on your finest jewelry, and apply subtle makeup. You are about to look gorgeous.

1.    One Shoulder Stretch Knit Jumpsuit

One of the safest choices to along with for a Christmas party at the office would be a black-colored one shoulder stretch knit dress. The dress has a stretch knit body fitted style with a one-shoulder neckline that makes you look sexy in a classy way. This dress is the perfect attire for a workplace party because neither would you look too slutty nor you’ll look all geeky and professional. The color black embraces elegance.

You can pair up this dress with hoop earrings, a statement necklace, and high heels. Grab onto a clutch and walk into the room with grace.

One Shoulder Stretch Knit Jumpsuit

2.    Maxi Dress with Side Slit

If you want to carry yourself with grace and style to your office Christmas party, then this is it. A maxi dress constructed from soft velvet, featuring a slit at the right leg side is simply aesthetic. The slim-fitting of the dress with an artistic twisted design on the front will make you look mesmerizing among the crowd.

You can add grace to your look with a delicate necklace that perfectly fills the space within the V-neckline. Add some elegant studs, exquisite rings, and a wristwatch to your look. Pair it up with toe heels and clutch.

Maxi Dress with Side Slit

3.    Black Long Sleeved Turtleneck Dress

Since Christmas is all winter-y, you can get that sweater that you got as a Christmas gift from your friend last year. Wear up the black long-sleeved turtleneck dress for warmth and an eye-catching look for the night. The sweater has a full closure that makes you look sophisticated and graceful at your workplace.

To look extra charming for the night, you can pair up your dress with knee-high boots, a crossbody bag, and big hoops. Maybe wear a long chain simple necklace with a pearl pendant. Leave your hair open and flaunt your look at the Christmas party. Maintain your grace.

Black Long Sleeved Turtleneck Dress

4.    Long Sleeved Sweater and Leopard Print Skirt

Want to look classy and gorgeous for the office Christmas party? Well, go with a leopard print skirt. Pair up your skirt with a simple long-sleeved sweater in black or white, that features puffy sleeves and a round neckline. Make sure that the skirt is longer than your knee-length because you wouldn’t want to look slutty at your workplace.

For a mesmerizing look, put on a fine delicate choker necklace and simple earrings. Ankle boots in black and a big handbag will look perfect.

Long Sleeved Sweater and Leopard Print Skirt

5.    Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress

For something extraordinary but classy, this off the shoulder wrap dress would do perfectly fine. Go along with blush color to mark your spot among the crowd. The plain dress constructed from jersey will give you a body fitted look and a shoulder neckline will expose your skin for an attractive and graceful look.

Pair up your gorgeous dress with a beautiful heavy choker and small hoops. Wear transparent strappy heels and carry a metallic clutch. Curl up your hair for a classy Christmas-y look.

Off The Shoulder Wrap Dress


A corporate party can be tricky but you must know to carry yourself with grace and elegance. We believe that the above-mentioned article must’ve been a great help to you, and you can figure out what to wear for the upcoming office Christmas party. Choose your dress wisely and balance your look for the night. Have a fun night!