YellowStone Season 3 what will happen?

YellowStone Season 3 what will happen

YellowStone is an American TV series that has a genre of neo-western and drama. The show is created by Taylor Sheridan and John Linson. The initial date of release of the first season of YellowStone was 20th June 2017 and is still on air by the Paramount Network. The show has 3 seasons yet with a total of 20 episodes. For those who aren’t aware of the series, it revolves around a conflict caused by commonly shared borders of an enormous cattle ranch in India. The show stars some of the most talented stars including, Kevin Costner, Wes Bentley, Kelly Relly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham.

The show was extremely loved by the audience and has received positive remarks from the critics as well. The audience was devastated when the second season ended so the Paramount Network announced the release of third season that was premiered on 21st of June 2020. The show was renewed for its fourth season in February 2020. You can grab on to the YellowStone season 3 Jackets on our website to show your love and support to the new season.

Wednesday’s or Sunday’s?

News is, that YellowStone is coming for its third season with 10 juicy episodes. It was later announced that the show will be aired on 21st of June that means that the regular Wednesday nights of airing the episode has been shifted to Sunday 9:00 pm. So grab on to your YellowStone season 3 Jackets to wear on Sunday evenings and enjoy the show in full tradition.

Is YellowStone a limited series?

At first it was assumed that YellowStone would be a limited and short series like Waco which was a hit show by Paramount Network but due to the extreme support of the audience as well as the genre of the show that is drama and a little of comedy, the show is now said to be a drama series – that means that it’ll be around for a few good years. Grab on to the YellowStone Season 3 Jackets and wear them for a long time till the show is on air to make sure your love and support is expressed to the show in the best way possible.

About YellowStone Season 3

The season 3 of YellowStone has just released and the audience is curious to know what the series will be about. Let us talk about the season two that would create the base for what season 3 is about. Season 2 showed the continuous fight of John Dutton and his family to survive and fight their unlikely partnerships, and treachery that hovers to destroy the family and pull them apart. The second season ended with Tate’s kidnapping that was a bummer for all viewers. There are assumptions that the second season will be about the family trying to recover themselves as well as Tate from the tragic incident. The traumatic experience for Tate would be hard to get over and come back to their normal life, so we guess season 3 will partly focus on this.

On the other hand, the fans are curious and thrilled to know the answer of why Beth and John hate Jamie so much. We are hoping to get this answer as well. We also hope to watch some Dutton-level drama in the show that is loved by all and one of the most loved aspect of the show. The trailer also shows that the Dutton’s try their best to make sure to protect their ranch. There is a possibility to witness a fight because the Dutton’s are not backing out this easily.

Whereas it is known and true that the season 3 would be starting where the second season was ended – Tate’s nightmare after his kidnapping and how his grandfather has been such a good support to him throughout the traumatic experience.

The cast have given their responses to the question about the new season. They all say that audience should be ready for something bigger than the rest of the seasons. The creator of the show Taylor Sheridan says that the show will be more ‘colossal’. On the other hand, Cole Hauser who plays the role of Rip says, “Something will happen that the audience will go from zero to sixty real quick.” Kelly Relly who plays the role of Beth further adds, “It’s a bigger world this year.”In short, the cast is excited for the release of season 3 and they are hyping the audience as well by telling them that this season would be a blast and worth watching.

To make you more excited, let us tell you that you will be surely seeing a lot of more drama between Beth Dutton’s and Roarke Carter as the season 3 shows their first encounter and let us tell you that they did not start off on a right foot. Get ready for a plenty of more drama between these two amazing characters in the show. The outstanding performance of Josh Holloway playing Roarke Carter has made the drama more intense and interesting.

About YellowStone Season 3

Will the entire cast come back?

The audience is excited to know if Kevin Costner will be back for the third season. As per what we know, Kevin Costner has signed back up for the third season although, he still plans to spend a little more time behind the scenes. He says that he wants to spend more time of his career directing the show rather than acting in it.

Although, there are some new characters who are joining the third season including Josh Holloway as Roarke Carter, Karen Pitman as Willa Hays, John Emmet Tracey as Ellis Steele, Q’oriankaKilcher as Angela Blue Thunder and Jennifer London as a female wrangler in the third season.



If you still haven’t seen the first two seasons of YellowStone, you need to go right now and watch it! The third season is bringing a lot of new amazing drama and storylines that you don’t want to miss. Watch the first two seasons now!