DIY Guide For Your Guardians Of The Galaxy Yondu Costume

Yondu Costume Guide

A paternal figure to Star Lord Peter Quill – Yondu. We all know that he is a ravager with a good motive, embracing Quill to be one of his own when it comes to rightful vengeance. Yondu guides Star Lord with all the intergalactic knowledge as well as training him with intense combative skills. He knows that Quill can face all shortcomings with a warrior gallantry.

Not only has the character of Yondu become popular when it comes to the Galaxy Guardians, but now he has become a costume spirit as well. People are going crazy to become the next Yondu along with their Star Lord dressed up friends. So guys if you want to dress up as the next avenging Yondu, then simply follow these Yondu Costume Guide DIY tutorial steps. Become the space friendly spiky haired dude that relishes class when it comes to the hairstyle and dress code.

Yondu Mask

Yondu Mask (Product Page)

Yondu Coat

Yondu Coat (Product Page)

One of our finest contributions when it comes to stylishly maximize your Guardian Yondu Costume Outfit appeal to the next level. Constructed with high-quality real leather material and sensibly enclosed with a premium viscose lining, this attire attraction is a worthy wardrobe buy. Moreover, this Galaxy of the Guardians Yondu Coat is one of the key grabs that can be used as an outfit on other fashionable dresses as well.

Yondu Pant

Yondu Pant (Product Page)

These Yondu pants are just perfect for your flawless Galaxy of the Guardians Yondu Costume Outfit. Made with 50% cotton and 50% nylon materials, the sheer quality marks up with being a long-lasting durable one. This is a good purchase, as it is an adaptable wear for different environments.

Yondu Gauntlet

Yondu Gauntlet (Product Page)

These hands bracelets are made with good quality faux synthetic leather, which gives you quality, durability, and style, all in a single package. The steel ring bordered laced-up themed is it best features offering you a glamorous revamp for the hands.

Yondu Knife Set

Yondu Knife Set (Product Page)

This knife set is just perfect for you when it comes to upgrade your Yondu Guardians Outfit with the best props available. This is a blade melee package – knife, 2 sheaths, and a leg strap for your hunting adventures and survival needs. This is the ultimate prop that you can find for the Yondu Costume props collection.

Yondu Magical Darts

Yondu Magical Darts (Product Page)

These darts are exceptional when it comes to quality as well as handling. Created with lightweight material, the darts picking contains brass, giving it a relaxing hand grip. This is an absolute necessity if you want to outshine the Yondu Guardian Outfit among cosplayers at Comic Cons, Halloweens, and other get up events.

Yondu Boots

Yondu Boots (Product Page)

Man-made shoes are always the best, as the hand’s touch eradicates any possibility of the slightest discomfort and itch. Built with a high-quality polyurethane material and durably downed with a synthetic sole attachment, you’re good to go with a long-lasting classy courtesy. This is a good low gear wear for you Guardian Yondu Outfit.

Yondu Suspender (Product Page)

The Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu is the ultimate interstellar scout guy. So if you’re looking for the perfect personification of the Guardian Yondu Outfit. Then these leathered out suspenders is utterly an essential wear gear.

Yondu Holster (Product Page)

The Yondu spirits are always alive when there’s a grim smile on the face, and the loaded gun is handled to hit you on the head. Take your Guardians of the Galaxy Yondu Costume to the galactic limits with these hard-wearing leather holster.

Makeup Tutorial

Yondu Costume Infographic

To be honest, out of all the Guardians, the character of Yondu is the person with a typical ‘attitude with style’ essence. But if you’re still not convincing with the choice, thinking that there’ll be loads of Yondu for sure at Comic Cons and such events. No need to frustrate, because next up is an exclusive Guardians of the Guardians Outfit Guide, because the character is the Gamora’s tussling sister – Nebula.

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