Become Young avenger with this superb Wiccan Costume

Young Avengers Wiccan Costume

Wiccan is a comic book fictional superhero, and is a member of the Young Avengers seen wearing an especial Wiccan Costume everytime, a team of teenage superheroes appearing in books published by Marvel Comics. Wiccan possesses powerful magical abilities which make him a key member of his superhero team; his main attacks consist of flight and lightning generation. He has a plain simple costume not like others fascinating superheroes like costumes.

You can create your own Wiccan costume; its costume includes black colored fitted jumpsuit, red colored long cape, black color leather boots, silver color headband, silver buckle belt and silver bracelet. Here we provide you all the basic information and necessary accessories which you need for the perfect look or Wiccan at one plate form. It is quite easy to create your own costume for your Halloween party and theme parties. We try our best to serve our customers perfect and complete costume guide of their favorite character Wiccan.

William Billy Kaplan Bopdy Suit

Wiccan Body Suit (Product Page)

For Wiccan Costume first you need this black colored fitted jumpsuit, it is quite comfortable and easy to wear so that you can wear this for many hours, and it is stretchable and has soft soothing inside. The costume itself is crafted from high-quality materials which you can wear many years with comfortably. So surprise everybody by wearing this Wiccan costume.

William Billy Kaplan Cape

Wiccan Cape (Product Page)

After dress you have to tie-up this long red colored cape by side for the exact looks, Seasons Trading custom made deluxe red cape made of double layers of smooth and stretchy polyester fabric. Cape is 54″ long and fully lined with stand-up collar. This cape has a strip style closure so that you can tie-up this according to your ease.

William Billy Kaplan Gloves

Wiccan Gloves (Product Page)

You have to also wear this black colored leather gloves; these gloves are made-up of pure leather material so that you can wear this for many years ahead. Thickened and flocking material, comfortable to wear and keep you warm. You can wear these gloves separately with your other outfits, and also while riding a bike its keeps you warm.

William Billy Kaplan Headband

Wiccan Headband (Product Page)

Wiccan also wears this silver colored headband, which makes his personality more attractive and stunning, you have also wear this silver headband for the exact look of Wiccan, this headband is made-up of polyester material, you can easily wears this band for many hours ahead without any irritation and itching for sure.

William Billy Kaplan Bracelet

Wiccan Bracelet (Product Page)

As for the perfect look you have to also wear this silver colored bracelet, it is made-up of stainless steel material, you can also gift this bracelet, and it will be a unique modern yet elegant gift for your friends and family.

William Billy Kaplan Boots

Wiccan Boots (Product Page)

For the complete accurate looks you all need this type of black colored boots, these are made-up of leather material with synthetic sole. Leather ankle boot featuring decorative stitching at toe and concealed zipper at medial side which is quite comforting while wearing.

William Billy Kaplan Belt

Wiccan Belt (Product Page)

Wiccan also wears belt with silver metallic buckle, so you can also wears this belt to complete your looks, this is made-up of leather material so that you can wear this belt for many years ahead and has Nickel-free Alloy style Buckle which enhance the look of this belt, you can also wears this belt separately.

The Wiccan is a complex superhero personality, so to look like him you need a perfect and complete costume with the perfect personality gesture and attitude, here we present the complete costume guide for those who are a big fan of Wiccan and want to look like him. This will be the perfect and unique costume for your Halloween parties that you will look different and stunning energetic stunning appealing. Here you can find the all basic information of Wiccan and just pick and wear this costume easily. We used premium quality of material so that you will attire it for many years without any hassle.