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Free Fire Shop

This one goes out for the gamers out there! As a gaming freak, you would’ve loved to play the battle royale game ‘Free Fire’, didn’t you? As the players landing on an island with a parachute and searching for weapons and equipment to kill each other and survive till the last – Woah! That’s something competitive!

Well, along with the storyline of the game, there are several other features that have been appealing to the players. The map, vehicles, time-slots and costumes. Oh yes, the costumes that every character is attired with is something that would’ve been intimidating to the players.

If you have been searching the internet to grab onto the costumes that classic players of Free Fire have been wearing in the game, then this is where you are meant to be. Free Fire Shop has an immense collection of costumes that your adored players of Free Fire are attired with. Whether it be a vest, jacket or coat – we deal with all. As far as the quality of our apparels is concerned, we assure you that each costume is made of high-quality material, detailed and reliable stitching and solid colors.

Free Fire Shop starts with Free Fire Andrew Vest, which is made of suede leather and a viscose lining. The vest has a Police patch on the chest which defines his solid character of a policeman. Additionally, Free Fire Battlegrounds Ford Coat is also available to be grabbed on, which is made of cotton and is in navy blue color. His personality as a Naval Officer is clearly reflected through his attire.

You can also get the costume that the deadly killer, Rafael has been attired with in the game. His classic leather coat with a buttoned closure and a lapel collar has been defining his personality in a brutal manner. Shimada Hayato, a legendary Samurai who follows the curses and traditions of his family, is dressed in a dim gray leather jacket which has an erect collar with double belted buckles. Also, Free Fire Maxim Jacket is casual and classic wear for men.

For women, Free Fire Shop has a couple of outfits that Kelly, Misha, and Paloma are attired within the game. Free Fire Kelly Jacket in yellow is made of fleece with full sleeves and a zipper closure. Free Fire Misha Vest is made of leather with a lapel collar and zipper closure with a cropped and fitted style. Paloma Jacket is also made of leather in black, with a classic style that only her character can pull off.

Free Fire Shop is about to embrace the gaming freaks with the look that they have always dreamt of. With the category of Free Fire Shop, you can now get dressed as your favorite characters as you play the game with your clan. Get those weapons, ammunition and equipment and find your hiding spot to kill off your components and win over the game!