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Resident Evil Jackets Collection

The R E game franchise is surreal to the bloodcurdling effects and has some serious graphics – gore and gruesome at the same time. Without a doubt, the Resident Evil franchise has become blood-intense thicker, zombie-scream petrifying, gloomy dark sentient, and to your surprise, much more dreadfully revealing. You or someone else might love any other horror game or video flick having the same chills-to-the-spine story plot idea. We would always remember Capcom for giving us such an amazing gaming experience.

Since 1996, Shinji Makami’s and Tokuro Fujiwara’s epic masterpiece hasn’t shattered, but has broken down records of some of the best games in its time. Even to this day, Resident Evil brings heart-stopping nostalgias to all of us, especially if we’re young adults. The game series took huge leaps of faith and become a unique spectrum in itself. Not only was the R E gaming franchise transfigured into comic books and novels, animations, audio dramas, animations and live-action films, but even a whole merch fashion was introduced for its characters.

We have witnessed a long list of games for the Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard being the most recent one released in 2017. Surprisingly, the biggest zombie-fever game is getting the very first revival of its kind in 2019 with the remake of Resident Evil 2 (1998). This is one of the reasons that horror-game fans are excited about and USA Jacket feels the same for them as well. With the revival of the game, our team would love to make your custom-order outfit deals come true to the spirits.

Moreover, you can check out some USA Jacket outfits, the on-screen verified best Resident Evil jacket available online, giving you the garment genuineness with authentic specs detailing. Purchase the craftsmanship inventive Claire Redfield Resident Evil The Final Chapter jacket, Christian Resident Evil The Final Chapter jacket and the most popular of all – Leon Kennedy Resident Evil 6 jacket. Please don’t forget to email us if we’ve forgotten any great characters you want to share with us. We will make any coat or jacket for you with the best of materials and skills at hand. Just contact us and count on us to deliver you the best attire-making fulfillment. We’re zealous, not zombies!