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The most awaited film threequel has been finally announced! Yes, we are talking about the Bad Boys, this time coming out as “Bad Boys for Life” in January 2020. The duo of Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett is back and is all set for some police work. Like always, there will be a lot of destruction, with the wittiness of Marcus’s Character and a lot more drama and action and all of it will be done is the good old style!

We have been seeing the duo since 1995 and have admired them since then. While there are a lot of aspects due to which we look up to them, one of them can be regarded as the way they are dressed. Whether it is about Mike’s style of wearing a suit in action, or about the outfits of Marcus, they have always inspired numerous amounts of people.

While talking about their style, it is also necessary to comment on the jackets that they have worn throughout these films. More specifically, in bad boys for life, they have shown such looks that you just cannot resist it. Plus, they covered all kinds of looks in those jackets, from casual to classy to party wear, they have got you covered.

Luckily, these jackets are now available even before the release. So you can probably wear them while sitting in theatres. If that is too much for you, you can still get any of them with respect to your choice and need at the moment. From the classy leather jacket of Mike to the casual wear of Marcus Burnett, and the utterly amazing black jacket with embroidered sleeves of Mike, we have covered it all so make your decision and see which one of these would you want to have in your wardrobe?

FAQs of Bad Boys

What’s The Bad Boys’ Backstory?

Bad Boys for Life is the threequel in the series of Bad Boys which is a story of two detectives who fight crime together and have distinct personalities, but since they are bad boys for life, they have got each other’s back! The first movie was released back in 1995, starring Will Smith & Martin Lawrence as Det. Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett respectively. The two characters returned in the sequel Bad Boys II back in 2003 and we will be able to see these familiar detectives again in the upcoming 2020 film Bad Boys for Life!

Are The Bad Boys Still Together?

Luckily, the duo hasn’t changed yet and we will be able to see both Mike and Marcus solving the case together as bad boys along with some new additions to the team.

When The Bad Boys For Life Is Releasing?

The Release of Bad Boys for Life has been delayed a couple of times but it is now officially announced that the film will be released on January 17th, 2020.

Will Marcus Quit The Force?

From the trailers, it can be seen that Marcus was already planning to quit the force and get retired, even before this new case. However, he can definitely not leave Mike alone and so is doing it for this last time. It can be said that he is planning to quit the force after this final solve!

How’s Marcus’ Anger Management?

We already know that Marcus is a family guy and we can now say that he doesn’t want to be in gun fighting every other day, after the trailers, so he definitely tries his best to not get angry and try to solve things by talking. However, when he is with Mike, is it really possible? Hence, he tends to lose control every once in a while.

Will Mike Settle Down?

The answer to this question is a bit tricky. We can see that Mike has grown as a person and so it might be the case that he finally decides to settle down like his Partner. However, you cannot be certain about anything when it comes to Mike.

Did Mike & Syd Get Together?

The amazing couple was seen in Bad Boys II, but if they will continue with the relationship status in the final movie or not is still uncertain. However, Mike’s ex-girlfriend will be seen in the film as the head of Miami PD’s elite AMMO unit, so this combination might ignite the fire for the final film.

Captain Howard Will Be Back?

Off-Course Captain Howard is back. Just like the movie is incomplete without Mike and Marcus, it is certainly not possible without our good old friend, Captain Howard!