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Joker Merchandise: Shop Joker Jackets, Trench Coats, Hoodies And Shirts

Joker has been one of the most iconic supervillains in cinematic history. The psychotic criminal mind of the Joker has won over a million hearts. The sadist sense of humor, along with an evil approach to everything, has been the key feature of the character. The supervillain who has been a threat to Batman without any superpower, that’s quite intimidating, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love Hedge Ledger for playing the tremendous character of Joker? And even Jared Leto, for playing the role of Joker in Suicide Squad? Well, if you are one of the big fans of Joker and are in search for the same costumes that he has been wearing while performing incredibly in the movies, then this is where you should be. You will find a vast collection of apparels that could lead you to take over the charm and persona of the Joker in real life. And to be honest, who wouldn’t love to own an attire that could give them the look of the evilest supervillains of the history? So, what are you even waiting for? Check out the category of Joker jackets and find an immense collection of apparels that would excite you to the most. Because let’s face it, we are talking about the Joker here, it isn’t a joke, right?

The Joker Jackets category has a massive collection of leather jackets which can make you replicate the exact look of Joker. You can get your hands on the most astounding jackets, that the character of Joker has been spotted in. You can now fulfill the crave of holding the personality of Joker by grabbing on the attire that he has been dressed in. Oh, what evil and the frightening look he has, you can get the same, right away! The category has an immense collection of jackets that will give you the look of the psychotic criminal Joker mind. The jackets are immensely comfortable and durable. You can find every color, design, embroidery, and patterns on the jacket that will enhance your look like the Joker. People are crazy about the sadistic personality of Joker, which lead him to win over the title of the best supervillain in history.

The collection of the apparels comprises of jackets, coats, blazers, and suits that the Joker has been attired within various movies. You can get your hands over the Red suit of Joker that has been an iconic attire of the psychotic character Joker in the movie ‘Joker.’ The suit includes a coat, pant, and a vest. The yellow vest, along with a red suit, is just what the Joker would go with. Alongside with the red coat, you can find the elegant black suit that Joker has been attired within the movie, Suicide Squad. The psychotic personality of the Joker has been dressed in style with black.

Furthermore, you can grab the coat that Joker was attired within ‘The Dark Knight.’ The coat is available in the same purple shade with a full length. Or if you want to get the funkiest look that could make you look a much obvious reflection of the Joker, then the grey blazer from Suicide Squad is what you must get your hands on, and you can even opt for the Jared Leto coat that has been the iconic attire of the Joker in Suicide Squad. We all what you want, all that you desire. Live the manhood of Joker by owning the apparel that could make you imitate the look of the Joker. Look decent, elegant, and evil at the same time.

We have a collection of the ivory tuxedo jackets as well that has been worn by the Joker in Suicide Squad. Jared Leto has portrayed the character of Joker tremendously in Suicide Squad, and who wouldn’t love to gear up in his costume for the upcoming Halloween party? You can even go with the checkered blazer that Arthur Fleck has been wearing in the latest movie ‘Joker.’ The hoodie is also another option that would excite you. Just get ready to gear up in the best outfits that could define your persona as the Jokers.

As Halloween is just around the corner, opt for an attire that you can slay in. Disguise yourself as the Joker and spread fear all across the street with your psychotic behavior. You can now choose the best attire that could give you the look of the Joker, whether it be from Suicide Squad or The Dark Knight. You can find every attire right here, at the most reasonable cost.

Questions that people want answers for

  • What is the real name of Joker?

The real name of Joker is Jack Napier though the name is rarely mentioned in the movie.

  • How did Joker become Joker?

To start with the beginning, Joker wasn’t evil since always. He was a failed comedian who had the responsibility of supporting himself along with his pregnant wife. Joker joined a gang of crooks, named as the Red Hood gang, to make some money. As the heist was planned for the upcoming day, his wife and unborn child died a day before. He was still forced to join the gang for the heist and thus meets Batman.

Furthermore, he fell into a vat of chemicals which turned his skin white, his hair green, and his lips bright red. He went crazy because of his disfigurement. Thus, he turns out to be a psychopath with a sadistic sense of humor and a criminal mind.

  • What makes Joker so Famous?

The psychopath criminal mind is known for his intense and sadistic look. Joker is quite unpredictable, at the moment he’s funny, but at the other second, he turns out to be an inhumanly brutal savage. He is surely one of the most psychotic and sick villains in history. His entire look, with apparel of a Joker, green hair and scars all over – distinguishes him as a creep.

  • Who is playing the role of Joker in 2019?

Joaquin Phoenix is playing the role of Joker in 2019.

  • How many people tried taking poison and becoming Joker in real like but died?

Joker is certainly one of the best supervillains in cinematic history. The portrayal of the Joker by Hedge Ledger was intense and quite unbeatable. The fans of Joker are quite dedicated, and several people tried to take poison and get involved in heists, just like Joker in real life. More than 20 cases have been witnessed where people tried to take poison and become like Joker in real life but died instead.

  • What inspires people the most about Joker?

The most inspiring think about Joker is certainly his quotes. The way he sees life and does whatever he wants to without any fear or hesitation. Although he is one of the negative characters, people are highly inspired by his behavior and sense of living life. He isn’t scared to lose anything. Despite his scars and past, he is strong and determined to achieve what he wants to.

  • What is the meaning of his Laugh?

The Joker laughs at Batman’s frustration. He knows that Batman will never kill him. Thus, he smiles insanely. He has a sadistic sense of humor and finds a piece of insanity in every person he sees. He laughs because he knows that even if Batman kills him, he will have success in making Batman break his pact of not killing anyone.

  • How many Celebrities have played the role of Joker?

  1. Cesar Romero was the first one to play the character of Joker in the original Batman series (1996).
  2. Jack Nicholson played the first theatrical character of Joker in 1989.
  3. Mark Hamill was playing the voice of Joker for DC Animated Universe in 1992.
  4. Kevin Michael Richardson played the voice of Joker in ‘The Batman’ in 2004.
  5. Jeff Bennet was behind the voice of Joker in ‘Batman: The Brave and the Bold’ in 2008.
  6. Steve Blum voiced Joker in the Lego movie in 2008.
  7. John DiMaggio voiced the Joker in ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood.’
  8. Hedge Ledger tremendously portrayed the character of Joker in The Dark Knight in 2008.
  9. Brent Spiner was the Joker for ‘Young Justice’ series in 2011.
  10. Zach Galifianakis played the voice of Joker in ‘The LEGO Batman Movie.’
  11. Jared Leto portrayed the role of Joker in Suicide Squad in 2016.
  12. Joaquin Phoenix will be playing the role of Joker in the movie ‘Joker’ released in 2019.
  • What kind of jacket does the joker wear?

Joker is one of the most adored yet cunning criminal minds that DC Comics has introduced us to. The supervillain maintains his charm with his evil acts and the portrayal of his character. Joker has never failed to give us serious fashion goals. We have seen Joker is quite elegant apparel, along with the funkiest ones as well. Joker has been wearing a purple trench coat in most of his appearances. The trench coat is made of wool and has a full length. It surely defines his personality well.

  • Where can I buy a Joker jacket?

Who wouldn’t love to own the jacket that Joker has been wearing with attitude and style? You can find the joker jacket on USA Jacket under the Joker category. USA Jacket has a vast collection of cosplay apparel; the Joker category is one of them. You can find various jackets that Joker has been attired within Suicide Squad, The Dark Knight or Joker. You can choose from the collection and get it right away! You can also customize a jacket that you like; any amendments are welcomed!

  • Joker’s favorite line?

Joker has certainly quoted some amazing yet meaningful quotes. One of the most favorite lines of Joker is, “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you stronger.” The Joker quoted this line right at the beginning of the movie ‘The Dark Knight.’ The quote defines the character of Joker quite vibrantly. As Joker believes that whatever doesn’t kill you instead of being harsh, it will only make you stronger. Because once you have dealt with the worst, where you are just about to quit, but you survive. Then indeed it will make you grow stronger only!

  • What are the joker’s origins?

There are several stories about the Joker’s origin, but the one that is the most believable and familiar is about his fall into the tank of chemicals. It has been rumored that during a bank heist, Joker was making his run and fell in the tank of chemicals which turned his hair green, lips bright red and bleached his skin white. This disfigurement drove Joker crazy and made him insane.

  • Does the Joker have the last name?

Though the real name of Joker hasn’t been mentioned in the series, in Batman, his real name was disclosed one. Jack Napier is Joker’s real name. He has been known as Joker for all his life, and thus, no one ever got to know his name or his last name. Napier is the previous name of Joker.

Top 10 Quotes of Joker

  1. “Why So Serious?”

The Joker quoted ‘Why so serious’ in the movie, The Dark Knight when he was telling Gambol about the scar that he got. He told Gambol that his father took a knife, came up to him while fighting with his mother and asked Joker, ‘why so serious, son?’ and he stuck the blade in his mouth and said ‘let’s put a smile on that face!’.

  1. “I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you.”

The strong and firm belief of Joker has been shown by his very first statement at the beginning of the movie, where he states that ‘I believe, whatever doesn’t kill you, simply makes you…stranger.’

  1. “We’re Destined to Do This Forever.”

When the movie is just near to the end, and Joker is about to die, he taunts Batman by saying, ‘We’re destined to do this forever.’ He claims this before Batman doesn’t kill Joker out of his sense of self-righteous and Joker wouldn’t even want to kill Batman because that’s sort of fun for him.

  1. “Now I’m Always Smiling!”

Joker said ‘Now I’m always smiling’ to Rachel, right before when Batman came to rescue her. Joker was telling her a story with a sadistic sense of humor where he tells her that one day, they carved her wife’s face with scars and to reciprocate with her, he took a razor and did the same scar on his face. But his wife couldn’t see him like this and left him. So, he was left by himself, and that’s funny.

  1. “Very Poor Choice of Words.”

Joker stated these words to Batman when he crashed into a party to find Harvey Dent and took Rachel at knifepoint. Batman said to the Joker, ‘Let her go’ and in reply to this, he said ‘Very poor choice of words’ and threw Rachel out of the window.

  1. “I’m Not a Monster.”

Joker satisfies Batman by saying ‘I’m not a monster’ when he arrives at the interrogation in the movie ‘The Dark Knight.’ He told Batman that he doesn’t want to kill him because he completes him.

  1. “Guns Are too Quick.”

Joker is Joker; a psychotic criminal mind tells Detective Gerard Stephens that he loves to kill people using a knife because ‘Guns are too quick.’ He likes to cherish every little emotion on the face of the person whom he’s killing. Could any other quote explain his evil personality in a better way?

  1. “Do I Look Like a Guy with a Plan?”

When the Joker is disguised in a nurse’s costume in the hospital, he states, ‘Do I look like a guy with a plan.’ He is explaining his motivations to Harvey Dent by telling him that he doesn’t plan up things; he just does things.

  1. “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

Joker crashes a meeting where various mob bosses are planning how to deal with Batman. Here, Joker gives the idea just to kill Batman. In reply, the head honcho says, ‘If it’s so simple, why haven’t you done it already?’, to this, the Joker replies, ‘If you’re good at something, never do it for free.’

  1. ” Everything burns!”

As the mob bosses give Joker a pile of cash, he burns it all up and says, ‘It’s not about the money…it’sAbout Sending the message. Everything burns!’.