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Elite Shop

Netflix has managed to serve the fans with an amazing collection of TV series and movies, among with Elite falls at the top of the list. Elite, a Spanish thriller teen drama TV series Season 01, was premiered in 2018, Season 02 in 2019 and this year, we’ve got our hands on the third Season!
The plot of the series follows students from an elite school and their friends. The main teenage issues are being highlighted in the series which is a good plot to watch. Everything about the series is admirable, whether it be the writing, direction or costumes.
We are here, with an entire category named as Elite Shop that holds the costumes of TV series Elite. You can find jackets, blazers, vests, sweaters and coats in this category and cherish the look that your favorite celebrity is portraying in the series.
For men, you can start to explore the category of Elite Shop starting from Christian Elite Bomber Jacket. With this classy bomber jacket, you can replicate the carefree and comical personality of Christian. The bomber jacket is made of real leather with rib knitted collar and cuffs. Moreover, Elite Ander leather jacket will make you carry the subtle and elegant look that Ander carries in the series.
You can also find Elite Omar Varsity Jacket, Elite S03 Valerio Varsity Jacket, Elite Samuel Garcia Dominguez Denim Jacket and Nano Elite Leather Jacket. Every apparel stands out the other one. We guarantee you that the material used in manufacturing these classy jackets is high-qulaity and genuine leather, which makes it even rare and elegant.
For women, the category of Elite Shop holds Lu Elite S02 Danna Paola Varsity jacket in green and white. The jacket is made of cotton fleece with a viscose lining on the inner side. The jacket has a classic collar and a front zipper closure. It is a pleasure to be attired in an outfit that could make you imitate the gorgeous personality with firm believes.
Let your fanhood come true with these attires. This is your chance to grab onto the outfits that your adored characters from Elite have been carrying around on the screen. Be it a reason for you to outshine your personality.
Be it sweaters, jackets or coats – we ensure you that the material of these apparels is durable and reliable. All you have to do, is give us a try. We believe in attiring you with the best that we have. As a fan of Elite, a Spanish TV series, we know how intimidating it could be to watch your favorite characters in such elegant and charming attires – well, guess what? With the category of Elite Shop, you can now imitate the look of your favorite characters without any hassle. Choose the costume that seems dreamy to you and add it your wardrobe right away! Avail the chance of grabbing onto something valuable and meaningful!