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Gifts Ideas For Your Loved Ones On Sale

There shouldn’t be a specific reason to gift something to your loved ones. However, you should avail of every reason and opportunity that comes your way in doing so. Apart from birthdays and anniversaries, which are personal and subjective, we all know of this one collective occasion that is celebrated worldwide and is specifically reserved for lovers (or is it?) yes, we are talking about the most awaited occasion of the year, i.e. Valentine’s Day. Hence, when the time is about to come, the very first thing you need to do is to decide the perfect gift for your partner and the perfect outfit for your big date, after which you can continue looking for the venue, what you will have for dinner, how will you end the night and so on. Since the first two things are the most significant and should be your top priority, we have got you covered for both of them.

Firstly, you can scroll through the huge list of options that we have and select the best jacket that your significant other will fall in love with. After you’ve decided on their gift, you can continue looking at the amazing outfits and select one for yourself. From traditional red to classy blue and black, we have every color and every kind of jacket available to make you the center of attention this Valentine’s Day! What’s more? Well, since it is the lover’s day, we wanted to celebrate it with you due to which we are offering up to 70% discount on these products which will help you in taking care of your pocket while enjoying the day. Plus, even if you are a bit late to the party and forgot to book it earlier, you don’t have to worry as along with giving the best quality, we also have a history of delivering orders on time so that your special moment goes smoothly!

When we talk about Valentine’s Day and especially when we are deciding upon the arrangements, there may come a number of questions in mind, especially for those who don’t really know much about the history and details of this day but are nevertheless celebrating it to remain relevant and follow the trend! Hence, we have a list of questions that might cross your mind and their answers so that you don’t have to think about them anymore!

Question Answer To Ask On Valentines Day

What is the meaning of Valentine’s Day?

There is a wide range from which the answer to this question can be found. However, we would like to go with the simple approach as the details will be discussed in further questions. In simple words, Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love to people that you care about. For those who cannot express their emotions usually, this day serves as an opportunity to finally gain enough confidence and say it out loud. And for those who usually are very open about their feelings, they can take an extra step and do something extraordinary for their partners to confirm the affection that they show every day. All in all, the simple meaning of Valentine’s Day is today’s time is to express your love by gifts, chocolates, flowers and most importantly, hand-made cards! However, the meaning could be extracted in a different manner through the historical background of the day which takes us to our next question!

What is the history and purpose of Valentine’s Day?

The history of Valentine’s Day can be traced all the way back in the 3rd Century in Rome where St Valentine was a priest (the person who is mostly assumed to be associated with the day, although there are some other accounts as well which have a different saint, this one is the most authentic) There are several reasons as to why this day is associated with him. Firstly, it is said that the emperor of the time, Claudius II analyzed that single men tend to serve better in the war than men who are married, he abandoned young men from getting married. This act of stopping people to be with someone they love was something Valentine would obviously not bow down to. Hence, he continued to marry people secretly which is why he is known as the symbol of love since he helped so many people in finding their love. Another account states that when he was in prison, he befriended the jailor’s daughter and sent her a love note with the famous and most used line of our times: From Your Valentine! Which is why he is known for the ultimate day of love. However, St. Valentine is not the only person who has associations with this day. Another belief that goes hand in hand with the Valentine story is the replacement of a pagan festival called Lupercalia.

The purpose of this day could be well explained through the fact that February 14th is also considered to be the start of the birds mating season which is also one of the reasons why this day is considered as the epitome of love. Hence, the purpose is to simply celebrate this unexplained feeling called love and take every step that you can in order to support it, just like St. Valentine did!

What is Valentine’s week and what does each day of the week mean?

While we all know that you don’t need a specific day to celebrate your love, Valentine’s Day serves as a getaway from this busy life that we are trapped in. Hence, to enhance the intensity and to elongate the process, we now have a whole week to celebrate before finally arriving at Valentine’s Day, which means that now you can start celebrations from 7th February with having each day associated for a specific way to express love and then finally after these seven days, you get to the wholesome Valentine’s day. This week consists of the following days:

  1. Rose Day: everything starts with just a simple flower! Rose day is a way to show your affection not just to your significant other but anyone who is close to you. The reason behind it is that different colors of flowers will help you in expressing your feeling. For example; for pure and intimate love, you can have a red rose, for friendship there is yellow, and if you are unsure about how your crush feels about you, you can go for pink roses to be on the safe side!
  2. Propose Day: the second one in line is considered to be for some specific people, i.e. only those who are planning to confess their love for the first time or are going to ask their partner for marriage. However, even if you are together, you can still propose your partner on this day once again or remake the time you first did it and have that nostalgic feeling!
  3. Chocolate Day: give chocolate and get a priceless smile, it’s that simple! Chocolate is always the best way of wiping off all the misunderstandings or ending a small fight as after giving the chocolate that the person loves, you can have a very meaningful conversation and this is what chocolate day is all about!
  4. Teddy Day: for those of you who have partners that either like stuff toys or who would appreciate this gesture, you can completely use this day to make your loved ones happy! Additionally, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a teddy bear, it can be anything that he/she would adore!
  5. Promise Day: as evident by the name, this is one of the most crucial and meaningful days of all. Make promises but those which are not to be broken but to be kept. And also maybe try to fulfill the ones that you have said before as well!
  6. Hug Day: taking it a step ahead, when you have done everything that is mentioned above, you will definitely feel the need of giving or receiving a hug, so don’t think much and just give that heartwarming hug!
  7. Kiss Day: lastly, this works as a seal to the whole week and helps you in moving towards the ultimate Valentine’s day with passion and love!

Is Valentine’s Day only about romantic love?

Absolutely not! Just as mentioned above, it is about expressing love, which can be as pure and sincere in friendships, between parents and children as in love partners. Hence, we need to understand that Valentine’s is more about celebrating the expression of love with everyone who holds importance in your life, and romantic love is just a part of it!

Is a romantic gesture more powerful on Valentine’s Day?

While it is not the only day when you can celebrate love, the romantic gesture is without a doubt more powerful on Valentine’s Day. There are several reasons for this, although there is just one thing that we all need to keep in mind and that is the fact that the romantic gesture is more powerful on Valentine’s Day because it serves as the starting point and gives you a reason to remain this faithful and caring towards your partner for the rest of the year and for the rest of your lives!