30 days Easy Exchange and Return Policy

Our Exchange and Return policy offers you 30 days if you find anything not as it was intended in our item. Contact us through our Email, Whatsapp, or Live Chat. Please remember that you are advised to reach us anytime within 30 days once you receive the item. Your satisfaction is the core responsibility of our customer support agent to settle your issue or, in other cases, refund or exchange the item. We do not return, exchange, or refund after thirty (30) days.

Refund Policy will apply when

  • There is no alteration of the item, or removing tags by you doing so will disqualify you for the refund.
  • Ordering two or more than two comparable suits that need particular customization will disqualify you for any refund due to permanent damage to the items because no one else can use those items.
  • Any misuse or permanent damage to the product
  • If suits are in good shape without use and in the original form shipped to you by us, we will refund you.

Return Policy

You can EmailWhatsapp, and Live Chat your product’s images and concise issue description if it is different from the one you purchased for returns. Our staff will investigate and confirm the product; after that, we will tell you on your preferred contact to send it to us for a full refund free of cost, and we will pay for the return shipping.

Exchange Policy

If you want to exchange the suit with different colors and sizes after delivering the products featured on our website, we will exchange it free of cost with the one you want.

RMA (Return Material Authorization) Number

After our confirmation of your product return, we will give you the RMA number to paste the delivery box for shipping to our warehouse.

Custom Duties

Each country has unique customs duties, laws, and regulations. We ship the items free while regarding as a gift meaning that you will not pay any taxes, but if you live in other states and geographical locations that tax it, you will have to pay the customs duties that will be due to your gifted product.